About Us

For more than twenty years, the Council for Disability Concerns has been offering a variety of events and presentations in October to celebrate the accomplishments of people with disabilities and to educate the university community on important issues related to disability. In the past, we have shown films that are relevant to individuals with disability concerns; sometimes the venue has been the Michigan Theater, Ann Arbor¹s restored historic showplace. We have invited a number of experts, both from campus and from outside sources, to update us on educational and employment issues. Our service dog program is so popular we now hold it at four U-M locations.

The week is culminated by our Neubacher Award Ceremony, in which we acknowledge an individual or group who has made a major contribution to raising consciousness and, as James T. Neubacher phrased it, “raising a little hell” while doing so. The ceremony also recognizes a number of individuals who have accomplished much in topics revolving around disability awareness.

If you have any questions regarding this program, please contact

Anna Ercoli Schnitzer, schnitzr@umich.edu, 734-936-1402

Gerald Hoff, ghoff@umich.edu 734-936-8177

Craig Luck, lluck@umich.edu 734-763 9458

Highlights from Previous Investing in Ability Week Events


Our Resolution

Because people with disabilities are now the fastest growing minority in the world, consisting of about 10 percent of the total population according to the World Health Organization's recent findings, and since this minority group is open to anyone to join (think of the potential results of slipping on bit of icy sidewalk or discovering during a routine physical that one has a debilitating disorder), we propose that individuals with disabilities be considered one of the minority groups at the University Michigan that would be included in the rubric of "diversity" and that would be granted appropriate and adequate funding through the 30-year-old organization known as the Council for Disability Concerns, a group of volunteers that oversees and is involved with all areas of special need across a broad spectrum: vision, hearing, mobility, learning, and other different modes of coping and adjusting to our mutual environment at the University of Michigan.

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