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Location: Regents’ Conference Room on the first floor of the Fleming Administration Building.
Time: second Tuesday of the month, 12:00–1:00 p.m.
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CfDC Minutes — November 14, 2017

ATTENDING: Jack, Anna, Brandon, Jane, Megan, Sue, Meaghan, Paul, Jill, Stephanie, Joelle, Bonnie, Jim, Christina, David, Jeff, Marjorie, Evan, Shannon, Carolyn, Kathleen, Janet, and Patricia (via BlueJeans)


Anna: Travel advisory for Detroit Metro Airport. Resisting the Michigan Flyer. Disabled people traveling through DTW must declare disability and be pushed in a wheelchair

Joelle Fundaro: Student professional event was big success

Jane Vincent: Shapiro closed from 6pm for water main repair

Anna: Investing in Ability was great month of events. We are recruiting people to planning committee. Shoutouts for the Neubacher ceremony

Jim Eng: CfDC calendar announcement. Carol Grawi request inclusion of relevant community events. Patricia Anderson: "I would recommend TWO separate calendars for this - one the CfDC group calendar, and the other for Disability events"

Political Action Committee

Anna and Bonnie: Michigan Publishing is publishing History of the Council for Disability Concerns. 34 years so far!


Christina described what the Office of Institutional Equity (OIE) does.

  • resources, guidance, assistance
  • consultation on accommodations
  • sexual misconduct and/or harassment issues
  • money mismanagement
  • "has university POLICY been violated"
  • reporting mechanism -- all OIE staff required to report, cannot keep illegal or policy breaches confidential

An ongoing issue is response for evacuations

  • area of refuge / area of rescue / area of assistance / shelter in place
  • signage to identify area of refuge/rescue/assistance posted near elevators
  • in newer buildings with full suppression, may not have area of refuge
  • if you are in area or rescue and no one shows up, (a) problem, or (b) that location not actually in danger
  • new buildings may have big red button by elevators to call for assistance
  • nuances: flashing alarms may cause seizures
  • facilities managers can address planning for situations
  • emergency radio connection for each building, supposed to be monitored
  • example: East Hall issues/concerns
  • if unsure if it's a false alarm, phone 911 or hit red button
  • DPS knows official locations of PWD, knows to check those FIRST
  • in a situation, phone 911. BUT may not be able to get through. May need multiple points of contact or alternative to 911 specifically for PWD.
  • DPS adding disabilities training for active attacker situations
  • also Building Response Teams (BRT - pronounced "bert"). BRT folk trained to clear building, check for PWD at elevators, etc.
  • challenges of legacy buildings

perhaps invite fire marshall to review crisis response for campus

OIE is partner with DE&I initiative

more discussion about compliance, what that looks like, creating a culture of compliance & safety

On replacing Scott Williams', or well, filling his position. "He feels like a plumber, troubleshooting existing problems." Training, head it off before accessibility becomes a plumbling problem. Lobbying for pre-emptive accessible creation of web content.

APA has forthcoming report on issues related to universal learning environments Stephanie has workshop on creating inclusive environments

upcoming SPEAKABLE event on mental health and student disabilities awards for teachers who are especially tuned into accessibility in the classroom

Robert Adams, Neubacher Award recipient said he doesn't believe in universal design. Universal design as a lowest common denominator solution rather than empowerment by personalization and customization of the environment. Also "rather than a focus on a specific disability." His remarks will be sent out

Discussion about physical environments and the diversity of what makes a space accessible.

"why do they even buy low chairs?"

Christina sent this link for folks to report discrimination/harassment online: They can also contact her office directly to share their concerns.

Evan sent a link to the BIRT website. Here it is:

Metro Airport's rules for ground transportation affecting individuals with disabilities:

Next meeting will be on December 12th at noon in the Regents Conference Room, Fleming Building.

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