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Location: Rackham Graduate School. The room will change from month to month. Please check the calendar or look for directions on first floor of Rackham Building on the day of the meeting.
Time: second Tuesday of the month, 12:00–1:00 p.m.
Contact us at to verify the location of the meeting you wish to attend, or to be reminded of future meetings and receive agendas. All meetings are open to members of the U of M and surrounding community.

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The most recent minutes are posted below.

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CfDC Minutes — January 15, 2019

Members Attending: Cathy-Alice; Bonnie; Mina; Stephanie; Jackie; Lisa; Evan James; Sam; Jim; Jeff; Ashley; Els; John; William; Chun-han; Janet; others connected remotely via BlueJeans.

Guest presenter: Dr. Michelle Ann Meade, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Michigan Medicine, University of Michigan.

Please see article on Dr. Meade and the Rehabilitation Research Training Center (RRTC):


News from the Chair:

  • Stephanie Rosen welcomed everyone to the January meeting and remarked that she has served as Council Chair for one full year now. She emphasized accessibility needs at the meetings and requested that all use the microphone, say one's name and speak slowly and clearly; CART (thanks, Letty) was available.
  • Stephanie discussed the Council budget, saying that she has worked with a Library helper; Council has secured an annual budget of $15,000 from the Provost's office, which the new vision and mission statements helped to secure. We will make decisions about spending the funds; a small subgroup with look into this (Sam, Bonnie, Mina, Chun and Anna volunteered); anyone can email with suggestions and/or projects.
  • There is a re-launch and update of the Council website with results brought back to members for review.



Dr. Michelle Meade presented a talk on "The IDEAL RRTC at the University of Michigan" with slides. IDEAL stands for Investigating Disability factors and promoting Environmental Access for healthy Living. RRTC stands for Rehabilitation Research and Training Center. The general topic is Healthy Aging for Individuals, comprising a series of interdisciplinary research projects with representatives at the University of Michigan from the School of Medicine, School of Engineering, etc. (see slides for list of collaborators).


There are a number of different research projects; leveraging national insurance databases; community inquiry with key stakeholders and focus groups in Detroit and Flint; surveys of community members and disability organizations; built and social environments; model primary care clinics; transportation access (with Prof. D'Souza); environmental impact towards accessibility.


In this study of the role of environmental impact on accessibility, there is a part of the project to create a National Resource Center in a physical space with a library and computer access (location?). This will provide training activities and technical assistance.


Questions/Answers: Funding is from HHS (US Dept of Health and Human Services); meetings of the group of RRTC researchers occurs on the 2nd Monday of the month at NCRC at 11 am with BlueJeans available.  Environmental factors are broadly defined but will be tailored according to various approaches.





Thank you very much to our presenter, Dr. Meade who, despite being extremely busy with these many projects, so generously shared so much information about these important initiatives. I also personally want to thank Bonnie Dede who took terrific notes at the meeting when I was absent and thus unable to do so.   /anna


CfDC Minutes — December 12, 2018


  • Members Attending: Stephanie, Anna, Kaylie, Darrell, Hallee, Packy, Phil, Jane, Cindy, Justin, Bonnie, Lindsay, Lovejeet, Patricia, Kathleen, Ashley, Brad, Pam, Ben, Els, Will, Sam; on BlueJeans: Jackie, Jeff, Evan (and apologies to any names missed). CART, as always, was available


  • Discussion of final draft of Mission & Vision of Council:

    The University of Michigan Council for Disability Concerns

    Our Vision

    A community where disability is respected, individual needs are honored, and accessibility is standard.

    Our Mission

    We catalyze change by connecting people, programs, and resources, advocating for accessibility and inclusion, and educating the community.

  • ***A few small insertions and various slight differences of opinion but largely consensus and approval
  • Presentation of Shapiro Design (Justin and description of student projects for visually impaired audience)
  • ***Variety of projects: 2 types of maps, galaxies and terrain; tactile central campus map, (maps with texture possibilities)
  • ***Suggestions:Training tactile reading; adding symbols for parking; silicon use?; safe routes, curb cuts; additional visual component, Braille


***Anna spoke of Gifts of Art's Bedside Art contacted Council members for advice on how to best present art to patients at . Following up  

***Will described receiving Phoenix grant mobility app and more information to come

Next meeting: Tentatively will be on January 15, 3rd Tuesday (because of school semester calendar). Stay tuned for confirmation.


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