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Location: Rackham Graduate School. Room will change from month to month. Check calendar or look for directions on first floor of Rackham Building.
Time: second Tuesday of the month, 12:00–1:00 p.m.
Contact us at to verify the location of the meeting you wish to attend, or to be reminded of future meetings and receive agendas. All meetings are open to members of the U of M and surrounding community.

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CfDC Minutes — July 10, 2018

ATTENDING: Stephanie Rosen, chair; Anna Ercoli Schnitzer, scribe; Mina Ajam; Patricia Anderson; Sue Bade; Ethriam Brammer; Evan James Copeland; Bonnie Dede; Jeff Edelstein; Jim Eng; Paul Guttman; Ben Howell; Pam McGuinty; Kathleen Mozak-Betts; Ody Norkin; Callie Rouse; Samuel Simpson; Lloyd Shelton; Jane Vincent-Berliss; Brandon Werner; Ashley Wiseman; Tracy Wright; Fred Wurtzel; Cindy Zielinski; plus several others who did not have a chance to sign the attendance sheet (total of 31+ individuals present at meeting; and 5 people VIA BLUEJEANS).


  • Stephanie announced that for the sake of the BlueJeans attendees we should say our names before speaking, speak slowly, and use the microphone.
  • There is CART today and there will be such transcription services at future meetings.
  • A cochlear implant support group meeting will follow this Council meeting at 1 pm.
  • Our August 14 meeting may be a longer one or be a retreat to discuss the Council's mission, updates, changes, etc. Patricia Anderson volunteered to lead it.
  • Anna: "Diversity Includes Disability" -- Cards with details about the book on history/perspectives of the U-M Council for Disability Concerns (written by Bonnie Dede and Anna) are being passed around.
  • Ody described Indian Trails bus proposal towards $8 million grant, a collaborative project with public/private transportation partners, with goal of facilitating "Last Mile" transportation achievement for disabled, elderly and vets. Requested that Council members test reservation process.
  • Fred summarized DTW airport achievements re: pick-up service at Departure level at McNamara Terminal (North Terminal still needs some additional assistance for disabled passengers).
  • Daryl: Reaching out to the Medical School continues, looking for a "champion" to assist.


Discussion led by Ethraim Brammer (Assistant Dean, Rackham Graduate School) and Jeff Edelstein about graduate students with disabilities.

Audience feedback: story about autistic student; problems with self-identifying leading to lack of opportunities; unconscious bias; accommodations need resources; video to inform faculty; CRLT occasional paper on disability to be updated; lack of policy re: boundaries for mental issues students may have; ADA protocols need emphasis; orientation vital time to deliver information about resources; course workshops on how to organize, rhetoric on accessibility; Disability Caucus meets twice monthly for peer support for grad students; $7,000 grant should help re: success at work when resources centralized; process to request accommodations should be streamlined, improved; universal design to integrate folks incorporating ergonomics/engineering; wait time for mental health assistance and resources; faculty with disabilities also impact students; former existence of student-led group with allies involved; SCORE umbrella organization for student groups; in ergonomics there is often a fix after the fact; housing lacks ADA-compliant apartments for grad students.

Moving forward: LOI (Letter of Intent) to Michigan Development Council competition for grant. Please reach out to Ethraim if interested in being involved. (

Jeff will send Council members information on "Disabled and Proud" Conference. Looking for speakers, attendees, sponsors and more!

Registration for Disabled & Proud: Leading Change -- an online conference for and by college students with disabilities -- is now open at

Other ideas welcomed: Members encouraged to follow-up with ideas in email to Ethraim, Jeff, Stephanie or Anna.

Closing Remarks

Special thanks to Ethriam for providing the venue, the enthusiasm, and, of course, the delicious lunch! Our thanks to Dennis for technical assistance. And, of course, thank you, LaTasha, for facilitating on multiple fronts.

Next meeting will be at noon Tuesday, August 14, in the Rackham Building, 915 E Washington St, Ann Arbor. Room to be announced.

Questions/additions/corrections to: <schnitzr at>

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