CFDC Meeting Minutes — January 6, 2004

Present: Sarah Watkins, Jack Bernard, Danny Heumann, Sue Bade, Doug White, Sam Goodin, Ann Chi, Jim Knox, Carole Dubritsky.

Guests: Diane Vasquez, Rose Bernal, Etta MacDonagh-Dumler Announcements from the Chair Jack introduced a new member of the Council, Danny Neumann. Danny is a resident of Ann Arbor and consults with entities on issues of disability.

Jack announced Doug White as the Vice-Chair of the Council for Disability Concerns. Doug is a Senior Housing Advisor for University Housing and has been an active member of the Council for many years.

Jack commented on the arrangement between Google and the University. Jack continues to press them regarding issues of accessibility as they move forward with this major project.

Guest Presentation
Etta, Diane and Rose presented the new initiative, VOICES of the staff, to the Council. This initiative has been requested by President Coleman to gather staff thoughts and ideas about significant, campus-wide issues and have a mechanism whereby this information can be shared with top administration.

About 250 staff from all levels and areas from campus and hospitals will meet in a community forum annually to identify major issues. From this information the major 5-7 issues will be identified and network groups will be formed to further develop the topics. Terms for network group members will be two years. Two people will be chosen in each network group to be "core" members who will meet periodically with the President and Executive Officers.

Council members provided good feedback to Etta, Diane and Rose regarding the solicitation of nominees and the importance of supervisor support for VOICES participants. Another excellent suggestion was the opportunity for VOICES members to make comments or express concerns anonymously. It was mentioned that persons with disabilities do not want to (nor should they have to) disclose their impairment to express an opinion about access or other issues.

Diane encouraged Council members to consider nominating staff for the first step which is the community forum luncheon that will beheld in February. Nominations are to go to Diane Vasquez at and should include the nominee's name, employee ID # if known, name of supervisor (if known), and the reason that you are nominating the person. Staff are welcome to nominate themselves for participation. Nominations must be received by Diane no later than January 21, 2005.

Closing Announcements
Planning for IAW and the Neubacher Award start in February. Come to the next meeting with your ideas to participate in planning or leadership!

The OIE has provided $5,000 to the Council for projects or events that can be completed by June 30, 2005. Come to the next meeting with ideas, or email Jack or Doug with your thoughts.

The next Council meeting will be Wednesday, February 2, 2005 at the SSW. Room location to be announced in late January. See you there!