CfDC Minutes—June 3, 2008

Present: Jack Bernard, Chair; Doug White, Vice Chair; Jill Rice; Tom Bayer; Tracy Wright; Carole Dubritsky; Scott Williams; Fabienne Helfer; Christa Moran; Alex Kazerooni; Anna Ercoli Schnitzer (minutes),


Neubacher Award Update (anna)--Please, we need more nominations of individuals via the website:

Investing in Ability Week Update (Doug/anna)--We went through the list of events and various Council members made very helpful suggestions as to times/locations for the deafness panel and other events, e.g., East Ann Arbor Health Center has an auditorium but lacks public transportation; Walgreen Drama Center; deafness panel might be better at Union rather than UMHS because of parking, etc; many people at UMHS would not be able to attend event at 2-3:30; for additional deaf performers, see--Sean Forbes at D-PAN website:

CfDC Website (Doug/anna)--Our site badly needs updating. Suggestions were made to have a contest or ask SI students to help; we should include a big DONATION button on the site. Scott kindly offered to check out the CfDC site and see what he can do to update/upgrade it.

Discussion of agenda for upcoming July 1st meeting with Laurita Thomas--all. We will review language for syllabi/admissions, letters of employment, using open conversation for any accommodations needed, since we want to openly welcome individuals who happen to have disabilities (Jack). We will also present update on Investing in Ability events (Doug). Thoughts about sensitive language (Alex) We can discuss other types of progress that the Council has achieved. The hour should be very positive (anna).