CfDC Minutes — February 7, 2007

Attending: Jack Bernard, Chair; Doug K. White, Vice Chair, Gerald P. Hoff, Jill A. Rice; Darci Watson (Welcome, Darci!), Ilana Mark (Welcome, Ilana!); Susan Smart (Welcome, Susan!); Carolyn Grawi; Carole Dubritsky; Joe Lentini: Els N; Anna Ercoli Schnitzer (minutes and yes, I know that I had already welcomed several of the new people last time).

Jack called meeting to order and introductions were made. Jack announced that there were only 8 months till Investing in Ability Week.

Anna mentioned that our IAW group had met and had gone down the list of past October's events, deciding which were huge successes and which were only minor successes. We are thinking of asking Gary Guller, the motivational speaker/climber of the Mt Everest DVD, to come as our speaker. Since he charges $5000 plus expenses, we would have to solicit about $7,000 and try to spread his talents widely-- UMHS, CIL, the Athletic Dept., etc.

Doug spoke about the room rentals, the Neubacher, and the general idea of needing and soliciting more funds. We do not know whether OIE will be giving us any. Carole will ask Anthony.

Jack suggested that we ask Mike Elledge to give his fine lecture/demo on web accessibility in the Faculty Exploratory once again.

We might stress learning disorders and/or autism (since there was a research breakthrough) this year. Carolyn and Anna have leads on speakers from Dance Marathon (to be followed up). We might have a panel with UM practitioners.

Depression is another topic that should be repeated this year, maybe with an emphasis on youth suicide. VOICES is putting together a toolkit on the subject. Finding Voice would give it a student focus.

Perhaps Els has a project or an idea (ISR?).

We might have a session or two on physical accessibility, accentuating the positive things done by architects/engineers on campus with choices they wish they had made and projections for the future.

Carole spoke of the accessible walking trail at the Botanical Gardens and a 3-5 year project in the Arboretum. We could invite the community to view it. There will also be a children's garden with an accessible tree house eventually.

Carolyn mentioned Washtenaw Talent Exchange and the recreational group of CIL could use the trail (only walking, no hand-cycling, however). The Library for the Blind would provide publicity for an event.

Carole talked a little more about the Matthai Botanical Gardens’ accessible path and the possibility of weaving an event related to that into IAW (or before the actual week). We also thought that the minutes, after summarizing current tentative IAW plans, should call for more ideas if anyone has them (and is willing to put some time and energy into them). Also perhaps another invitation to join the IAW planning committee along with the next meeting time and place at NIB? Then Carole gave a big update on North Quad.

North Quad:
North Quad Residential and Academic website - The items along the left margin let you look at the schematics I brought today. Carolyn wondered if all the residence hall room doors will be 36” so that wheelchair users can visit students in non-modified rooms. Carole will look into this. Carole (and others) also have/had reservations about the double and triple (!) switchback access ramps (though ADA-compliant, not very welcoming to chair-users, especially on the first residence hall complex built since 1968). The public (chair-using students would be great) can reserve a time to give input about the plans at the next Regent’s meeting. Carolyn also made an announcement about Walk and Roll.