CfDC Minutes March 5, 2003


Carol Dubritsky, Els Nieuwenhuisjen, Robert Deyoung, Christine Brown, Joan E. Smith, Susan Goolin, Warren Clark, Mike Myatt, Joe Minarik, Stuart Segal, Jim Knox, Mike Duvendeck

Minutes Taker:

Jim Knox


Introduction of Mike Duvendeck, school of social work media coordinator.

Bernard reports that funding for the council will be limited this year and may severely impact IAW activities for 2003.

2003 is the 20th anniversary of the council. How do we celebrate this? Warren recommends inviting Jim Abbott. Bernard will call Bill Martin And ask athletics to fund this opportunity.

Suggestions for IAW events. Basketball game? Academic events? sam will work with AHEAD for 2003 IAW. Myatt mentions art gallery that features work by disabled artists. Bernard may ask lou marinaro to sculpt a disability figure for campus. Joan smith volunteered her husband’s sculpture. Film series? Art exhibits? An author? Ask todd mundt to support IAW.

Theme for IAW? “Looking Back and Looking Ahead” suggested at January meeting.

The segway issue. Transporter not permitted on ann arbor sidewalk. City Wants them banned from university sidewalks, too. Sam has been asked to support a campus ban. Bernard favors banning them unless it is needed as an accommodation. Risk management considerations.

Mike Harris issues on seating for chair users at athletic events. Carol dubritsky has been in touch with mike and will continue to do so.

Myatt proposes restarting the accessibility task force. Reports that many buildings and sidewalks remain non-compliant. What should the role of the council be? CFDC has no authority. CFDC may be an advocate for these concerns. Prepare an annual report to the regents. CFDC can gather information, and do some education at the institutional level. Accessibility is a systemic problem. Sam distributed a Form for Reporting Access Concerns. (paper form). Sam recommends inviting mary krasny from plant to discuss accessibility process. Minarik asks if we know the cost of accessibility non-compliance. Suggests developing a set of anecdotes to present to leaders. Jack is concerned about the overall problem and what we can do to assist people with problems.

Joe Minarik asked that we read the emergent vision of the university in 10 years. A compendium of views collected at the February meeting. Christine brown read the narrative to the group. The narrative is an utopian document that presents a collective vision of CFDC members. Next step: identify objectives that can be accomplished in the next 2-3 years.

Action Items:

Jack will send another letter to the deans regarding participation in IAW.

Jack will invite mary krasny to our may meeting.

Jim knox will have the accessibility complaint form placed on the gateway.

Jack will contact Bill Martin.

Agenda Items for April Meeting:

Next meeting topic – discuss theme for IAW.

Joe minarik will administer the interactive exercise planned for the March meeting.