CfDC Minutes — March 10, 2010

Present: Jack Bernard (Chair), Tom Bayer, Emily Campbell, Eleanor Chang, Carol Dubritsky, Paul Guttman, Sally Haines, Xan Luck, Jill Rice, Ellen Stross, Doug White (Vice Chair)


With no pre-set agenda, Jack opened by reporting that the National Federation for the Blind had filed suit against the UM Law School Admissions Council regarding inadequate accessibility of the Law School AdmissionTest, which they utilize. Jack is of the opinion that this case is a watershed moment for people with print disabilities, particularly in the context of the blind being the least employed (7%) disability group. Discussion also focused on the expensiveness of software systems and the difficulty of making and keeping them accessible to various sensory disability groups (e.g., the new vogue of audio cues, which are not accessible for deaf/hard of hearing users).

Carole Dubritsky reported that the AACIL and PVA were among the participants who reviewed plan for the Couzens Hall and Crisler Arena renovations.

Sally Haines informed about the "Bring it Back, Take it Forward: Celebrating 50 years of activism in Southeastern Michigan” conference (past now), and regretted that it didn’t include any sessions on disability-related activism.

Xan Luck reported on the “Supporting Students with Disabilities” community event (co-sponsored by Growing Allies, the Program on Intergroup Relations and the Office of Services for Students with Disabilities) to take place on April 5, 5:00 PM – 7:30 PM in East Hall Rm. 448. The event will be focused on a viewing of the first 45 minutes of the film Murderball (or other movie that focuses on the realities of living with disabilities). After the movie there will be small group discussions on specific topic areas. The event will conclude with a large group discussion about what students and the university can do to make the Michigan Community more supportive and inclusive. She solicited and took fundraising and advertising/publicity suggestions from the group. They are looking to raise $200 in funding. Comments or suggestions can be sent to her at