CfDC Minutes — April 3, 2003


Jack Bernard, Robert DeYoung, Els Neuwenhuijsen, Joe Minarik, Jack Novodoff, Warren Clark, Brian Clapham, Stuart Segal, Anna Schnitzer, Carole Dubritsky, Ann Chi, Ricah Marquez, Jennifer Symanns, Michael Myatt, Jim Knox, Mike Duvendak, Victor Rosenberg


Sam Breck, Member, City of Ann Arbor, Commission on Disability Issues and Chairman, Local Advisory Board, AATA

Minutes Taker:

Carole Dubritsky


The Segway: Sam Breck provided information regarding the Segway motorized scooter. The City of Ann Arbor is considering a resolution that will restrict their use on public sidewalks (they are capable of traveling up to 20mph). Sam requested support from the Council to have similar restrictions for the use of the Segway on UM's campus. It was agreed that consistency between campus and the City was important, although it was mentioned that enforcement may be problematic (i.e. skateboard use on campus, etc.). Jack Bernard will determine best contacts on campus for this issue (Facilities, Security, Risk Management, etc..

**Note: Sam mentioned that there are presently 2 vacancies on the City Commission. Members serve a two year term. Meetings are the 3rd Wednesday of every month at 3:15pm and the meeting includes public comments. The purpose of the Commission is to advise the City on issues that would affect persons with disabilities in the Ann Arbor Community.


CFDC Strategic Planning: Joe Minarik presented an opportunity for Council members to work in small teams to brainstorm issues that can/will affect the realization of our vision of an accessible University for students, staff faculty, applicants and guests with disabilities. Joe gathered the teams' suggestions and will be using the information to help us develop a strategic plan for the Council.


Jack Bernard's Update: Jack has met with Karen Clark of Human Resources and has presented a proposed budget for the CFDC. He also has appointments to meet with University President Mary Sue Coleman, Provost Paul Courant, VP and Secretary of the University Lisa Tedesco, VP for Student Affairs Royster Harper, Director of Facilities Hank Baier, Director of Athletics Bill Martin, and VP for Development Jerry May.


IAW: Carole led a brief discussion to identify University and Community partners for IAW this fall. Attendees volunteered to make contacts We still need CFDC members to volunteer to contact groups, agencies and departments that do not have a person listed to contact them!! Please consider helping us out!!

  • Michigan Theater
  • Bird Of Paradise
  • FireFly; Robert DeYoung
  • The Ark: Brian Clapham
  • Performance Network: Robert DeYoung
  • Wild Swan: Warren Clark
  • Empatheater
  • Mentality: Carole Dubritsky
  • Area Bookstores (Borders, B. Dalton, Shaman Drum): Mike Myatt and Els
  • Art Oasis: Carole Dubritsky
  • Ann Arbor Public Library: Anna Schnitzer
  • Graduate Library: Anna Schnitzer
  • Athletic Department
  • STOP: Sam Goodin
  • Dance Marathon
  • Local high schools
  • Residence Halls: Brenda Herman was suggested
  • Asian Studies, Women's Studies film series, etc.
  • Exhibit in Towsley Link, Taubman Center
  • Exhibit in NC Commons
  • Coupons for attendance

Warren Clark also provided an update that Mott does not pay the participant in their fall fundraiser golf outing. An option would be to see if the Athletic Department would help out as their contribution to IAW. Warren Clark will continue to explore the possibility of having Jim Abbott as a guest speaker in the fall.