CfDC Minutes — April 5, 2007

Attending: Jack Bernard, Chair; Doug K. White, Vice Chair; Jennifer Nordstrom; Trish Klamert (welcome, Trish!); Joe Lentini; Paul Guttman; Gerald Hoff; Carole Dubritsky; Darlys (welcome back, Dar!), Anna Ercoli Schnitzer (minutes).

Introductions were made.

Funding for IAW was discussed. We have had a Council for 24 years with no steady, reliable source of funding. Those with disabilities are more or less disenfranchised because they have no united community, although this population is growing faster than any other.

The Office of Institutional Equity gave Council $5000 last year, which we have used up, and budgetary constraints make funding unclear for this coming year (Carole will let us know when she knows whether OIE can fund us and for how much). They have covered the $600 cost for printing the Neubacher Award cards.

Student Affairs, Kinesiology, UMHS contributed last year, and we hope that they will support us again this year. So far, we have $1,000 from the Loyer Family.

We still need to cover expenses for the catered mini-breakfast and lunch, and, of course, our keynote speaker, Gary Guller.

Jennifer offered to talk to Student Affairs Budget person.

Jack will write to thank Laurita Thomas and Provost Terry Sullivan for attending the Neubacher Ceremony last year.

Jack will ask the President for $60,000 to sponsor 1/4 person ($10,000-$15,000), to pay for IA budget foundation ($25,000) and $10,000 for other events, student groups, conference support, etc.

Perhaps this year the attention given to the Stadium situation will allow the Council to receive some attention, as well.

Anna mentioned hearing Laurita Thomas give a talk at Positive Organizational Scholarship (POS), an excellent program at the Business School. You might want to check it out.

Carole mentioned that there should be one web site where we could go to see new UM bioengineering inventions and adaptive technology. She also talked about the Michigan Healthy Community Toolkit; FASEB will present this as part of IAW.

The Botanical Gardens' accessible trail would be good to highlight in September, perhaps in conjunction with transportation provided by AATA.

Discussion about talking to incoming freshman class early on (Carole, Stuart, Sam, Anthony, Jack) about accommodations, whether or not the individuals have declared or disclosed disabilities. Perhaps Doug can set this up through Housing connections. This presentation could be recorded and rebroadcast.

Discussion about exercising for people with special needs. Carole will contact Lisa Shea of NCRB. Paul suggested we contact also Bill Cannon, who supervises all Rec Buildings. Jack suggested that we ask Shelly Kovacs. MFit at the Ice Cube has exercising classes for people with injuries and special needs. Carole will contact Lisa in a few weeks.

Carole thanks those who looked at the Stadium expansion plans.

Carole reported that she and Sam presented a short talk to the President and Executive Officers.