Minutes, CfDC Meeting, April 6, 2005

Attending: Daniel Heumann, Becky Rohre, Sam Breck, Barb Chaffer Authier, Anne Chi, Jay Sennett, Paul Guttman, Carole Dubritsky, Jack Novodoff, Sarah Watkins, Samir Karim, Jim Knox, Russell Stuart, Anna Ercoli Schnitzer (minutes)

In view of absence of Jack B or Doug W, meeting was more or less called to order and introductions made.

IAW Speakers Committee Sarah reported that Tony Coehlo had accepted our invitation to speak on Oct. 24th, venue as yet undecided (Med Center or Michigan League, etc?), number of talks as yet undecided (1 or 2?). He will speak on establishing ADA, on his own epilepsy, etc. College Dems possibly will co-sponsor, as will Health Science Scholars. Tony C. is asking for A $500 honorarium plus travel/lodging.

Sarah reported on Kathy Bucky, comedian, willing to come for $6000. Sarah will try to negotiate and will try to get University Events to sponsor, if possible.

Anna reported on attempt to get Jim Abbott, UM grad and professional pitcher, to speak. Shelly K. may have a connection and we are waiting to hear.

Anna reported on Paws with a Cause to gather in the Diag, thanks to Jane MacFarlane and her connections. We can use as hook to promote other disability issues and services, maybe with tables in Diag (Angell Hall if it rains).

Sam suggested having a day for wheelchair/glasses controlled stimulation activity. Discussion pro/con ensued re: disability versus impairment.

Daniel asked about Spinal Cord Injury Conference. Jack will be contacted about this.

Paul discussed architectural/engineering/construction worker sensitivity and how problems are often caused unintentionally. bridging needed to raise awareness. Discussion about busy versus off seasons for training/construction. In our environment, construction goes on and people have to walk through it.

Construction Advisory Committee

Jay reported that Mike had convened but no chair yet. The mission of short versus long term housing improvements, retrofitting, were discussed. The people who will attend the next meeting: Jay, Jack N, Mike H, Tom H,--we need to have a list of names.

Mike Harris's letter to Mary Sue Coleman about the Stadium renovation was discussed. The Office of Civil Rights and UM Athletic Dept officials will do a walk through.

Carole reported on a new project at the Botanical Gardens regarding accessible trails. The Construction Advisory Committee will be asked for input.

Sam B talked about the City Commission on Disability Issues striving to make the Art Fairs safer, also public restroom accessibility, no ramps being blocked, wheelchairs being available.

Sam also said that "Riding the Bus with My Sister" will be broadcast on tv on Sunday at 9 pm. We are not sure which channel. This was the film on a list proposed by the IAW Speakers Committee.

Carole stated that the Neubacher Committee will meet soon and publicity for the Award to take place on the last Friday in Oct. has already started. Postcards and online forms will be ready shortly. The nominations will close on June 10th, she said.

Barb discussed captioning for graduation events. Power Center has a captioning board. We would like captioning for *all* events. If anyone has any good ideas about how to achieve good captioning, please contact Barb Chaffer Authier.

Russ gave report about difficulties with having books scanned and problems with software in lab. He thinks each instructor should know where to send students with disabilities for resources and that students should be welcomed and informed when they come into UM. Discussion about impairment versus disability ensued. Budget problems, e-reserves, creating an inclusive academic environment were discussed, as was appreciation versus understanding of disability issues. Paul mentioned scanning ability now available at Buhr (via Google) that would be helpful for those with learning disabilities. Sam mentioned general awareness as well as specific instances as far as impairment is concerned.

Meeting was over at 1:30 pm.