CfDC Minutes — April 7, 2010

Attending: Jack Bernard, Chair; Doug White, Vice Chair; Linda Grekin, Eleanor Chang, Carole Dubritsky, Liz Pettie, Scott Williams, Els N, Tracy Wright, Paul Guttman, Lea Detlefs, Xan Luck, Stuart Segal, Sally M. Haines, Margaret Hough, Tom Bayer, Carolyn Grawi, Anna Ercoli Schnitzer (minutes).

The meeting was brought to order, and introductions were made around the table.

  • Tom's DVD shown--CTN TV interview with Ryan Christman and two VA Expressive Writing workshop members
  • Two items were raised: Carole mentioned that there would be updating re: accessibility upgrades at Crisler
  • Wayfinding meeting at UMHS was well represented by 9 Council members
  • Linda Grekin presented various story books to demonstrate, a way to connect with children who are far away or, specifically, as assistance to veterans
  • Xan gave summary of excellent turnout for film “Murderball” (35 people across various levels), thanked Council for funding food, passed out informative flyers with student support groups/systems listed, stated that legally and medically students with disabilities are cared for at UM but other areas have gaps with funding and staffing needed. She suggested opening events to all and inviting everyone because of existence of hidden disabilities—and participants with disabilitis then turn out to be a total about 75% of those present
  • Jack mentioned that student movements re: disability issues have great energy but students have little time or continuity; there are many hidden disabilities that people do not want to declare; funding is challenging because numbers change; Jack’s law course “You have no Idea” explains that the main sources of assistance stop with high school, don’t continue into college; disabilities are diverse and communication is difficult
  • Carolyn discussed the available internships and funding possibilities at School of Social Work, AACIL, OIE, Best Buddies, CAPS, Mental Health, etc. Anna seeking answer to question about existence of campus accessibility map—is there a new one and where is it?