CfDC Minutes — May 2 , 2007

Attending: Doug White, Vice-Chair; Joe Lentini; Paul Guttman; Jill Rice; Gerald Hoff; Susan Smart: Martha Reck; Carole Dubritsky; Sam Goodin; Els N.; Anna Ercoli Schnitzer (Minutes).

In the absence of our Chair, Jack Bernard--Doug White, the Vice Chair called the meeting to order and (re)introductions were made around the table.

Discussion about raising much needed funding for Investing in Ability events:

Doug announced that he would like the Council to have its own funding account and not have to use the Housing account as we have been doing. Various members asked whether we could solicit from outside organizations (e.g., Rite-Aid, Home Depot, Borders, Google) since we lack our own internal funding, but this would be a question for Jack to answer, since we do not want to step into difficulties by doing this. Suggestions were made about stimulating contributions from various UM departments. Doug praised the initiative of having individual Council members contribute showing good faith and as symbolic gestures of commitment to the Council.

Sam suggested that Kimberly Morris of UM Development come to the Council to explain funding solicitation and limitations (Jill will contact her).

Discussion of Investing in Ability events:

Anna reported that the subcommittee is meeting biweekly and making good progress. Rooms are being reserved and times/topics firmed up.

Carole said that her panel, stemming from the Michigan Healthy Community Initiative, will be rolling out the Mental Health Toolkit for Managers. Janelle Kilgour and Lorna Hurl will be on the panel with Carole, which will be 1 1/2 hours in length with Q&A.

The Questions You Wanted to Ask About Employment panel should also include Liina, if she is willing to come. Joe volunteered to take part, as well. It is now scheduled for noon at UMHS, which we hope will bring in more people.

The CRLT Players have confirmed that they will do their skit on disability in the classroom, an excellent little play that is both entertaining and educational.

Sam offered to do an IA CAPS session on students' mental health with emphasis on the rights of the individual vs. rights of society.

The Regents:

Sam and Carole first presented an overview on disability issues, accentuating the positive, for the Executive Officers and then, later, for the Regents. Carole talked to Tim Slottaw about collaboration/partnerships/teamwork. Regent Kathy White said: "Make a Wish List." Attention to disability issues is now at a high level.

Sue passed around an posting for a position for a diversity recruiter with no mention of disabilities in the job description. Carole will check with Anthony Walesby about this. Discussion ensued. Sue will write the rough draft of a resolution to bring disability into the definition of diversity.

Els reminded the members of co-sponsors for Investing in Ability (AA Center for Independent Living, AA Commission on Disability Issues, Michigan Health Community, Michigan Rehabilitation Services, etc.

Discussion of signing at Commencement. It was reported that signing was not shown on the big screen, but there was a special section where signing was done for the individuals who had applied to be there.

Will there be Community Network TV for the Neubacher Ceremony? Carolyn might be the one to ask, since she has a connection. Anna will ask Carolyn.

Anna will ask Yvonne about the IA event on Asperger's Syndrome/learning disabilities. A new member, Nikhil, might also be interested in taking part.

Carole stated that Paul and AACIL helped give input on architectural designs of new construction. Next, will be the baseball and softball fields.

All we know about the Stadium is that a lawsuit has been filed, Carole said.

Anna announced that the Health Sciences Libraries will hold a book discussion, open to all, on "Mountains Beyond Mountains," by Tracy Kidder--about Dr. Paul Farmer. This is the AA/Ypsi READS selection for 2007, and although we are a little late, the conversation about this excellent book will take place on May 31st at 11 am (discussion will be led by Doug White, who has a background in anthropology)in the Rare Book Room of Taubman Medical Library.

Tom Hoatlin will give a presentation for the Athletics Events staff.