CfDC Minutes—May 03, 2006

Subject: Minutes, Council for Disability Concerns Meeting, May 3, 2006

Attending: Jack Bernard, presiding; Doug White, vice chair, Gerald Hoff, Darlys Vander Beck, Liz O'Dell, Carole Dubritsky, Sam Goddin, Elizabeth Sikkenga, Betsy Jo, Pek S. Jo, Carolyn Grawi, Anna Ercoli Schnitzer (minutes).

Meeting was called to order and introductions around the table made.


Elizabeth announced that she will be taking a position at the Depression Center soon and that Council might need a new representative from marketing or recruiting staff of UM Admissions. Sam will ask SSD liaison. Anna will invite Jennifer Nordstrom.

Carole announced that Sam Breck has been having health problems but will be back at Council as soon as he can, maybe in the fall. We all send Sam our best wishes for a rapid recovery.

WEB TALK: Doug announced that Els had given input on the new UM Gateway web site which seems to have less contrast than the former one and which seems to be more difficult to read. Discussion ensued about alumni access and donor implications. If we have any constructive suggestions for improvement, we should send them to Jack ( and he will funnel them to an appropriate webmaster. We should list key points for easier, friendlier accessibility, although the site does have text only capability. Jack also said that he is keeping tabs on Google to make sure that accessibility issues are being taken into account. We would like to have all UM official web sites as accessible as possible to meeting universal standards, and we would like to encourage all web sites to be as accessible as possible. Now that we have unfortunately lost our helpful webmaster and CfDC colleague Mike Elledge to MSU, so there is no accessibility coordinator. Jack is lobbying for a replacement for Mike. Sam suggested that an individual has been identified for this position.

Jack announced that the Civil Liberties Board will look at the syllabus language to suggest whether it might be adopted by SACUA for all syllabi.

Carolyn announced that the State of Michigan is coming through with a vendor for HAVA (Help America Vote Act) to provide accessible, touch- screen voting for all voting precincts. On Sept 20, there will be a demo of these machines at the downtown AA District Library.

Dar announced that there are now four vacancies on the AA Council for Disability Issues---if anyone has an interest in applying, go for it.


Anna reported on progress--our first meeting set a date for our next meeting and also established Flag Day, June 14th as the cut-off for nominations for the Neubacher. Anna has been in contact with Matt Snyder of OIE, who is very helpful with publicity and printing. Suggestions were made about nominees and perhaps a back-up nominee (Jack gave a brief history and Sam will check on a matter connected with this).


Reports were given about the Depression Committee's progress by Carole. by Anna for Paws with a Cause (Carolyn suggested that we could also get volunteers who use dogs in our community). Jack told about a lawyer for service animals. Carole mentioned that Oct 16-17 is a break and not to schedule events for that time. Carolyn mentioned collaborative activities with CIL, such as with PM&R, Kinesiology, Endocrinology, Kellogg. Martha told about arrangements with Monty Reeve, Allen Muir, Dale Ulrich, someone from Glacier Hills, and others. Liz talked about the panel for the film/panel about deafness; Jack suggested a room in the Michigan Union for this function. Possibility of having Mark Cody of Law School was mentioned, also Sarah Watkins on her year long activities.

Jack suggested that we hammer down the details by June so that advertising can go out by July for newsletters, etc.

Dar talked about the Campaign for Brain pins that we could sell for a small sum.

Carolyn stressed that we should market these events to all levels and to whole community.

**************************************************************************************************** The meeting was adjourned shortly after 1 pm.