Minutes, CfDC Meeting, May 4, 2005

Present: Jack Bernard, Douglas White, Carole Dubritsky, Sue Bade, Jay Sennett, Paul Guttman, Daniel Heumann, Becky Rohre, Barb Chaffer Authier, Sam Goodin, Mike Myatt, Els Nieuwenhuijsen, Anne Chi, Mike Elledge, Sam Breck. Anna Ercoli Schnitzer (minutes).

ATTENTION, Council Members!!!

If you see **** next to a topic, this means that you have an opportunity to give input on this subject; in fact, your input is eagerly solicited! See text below.

Pre-meeting discussion of CfDC role as activist in accessibility issues that affect UM people with campus as priority. Inaccessible businesses in violation of ADA rules can be reported to the City of Ann Arbor Commission on Disability. Sam mentioned that no public discussion was held about old Y. Jay/Beck offered to draft a letter that would be run by CfDC for approval.

Meeting was called to order by Chairman Jack Bernard, and brief introductions were made.

Jack gave quick update saying that he is still on the President's calendar in hopes of obtaining a more central reporting line via the Provost's or President's Office. He also mentioned that Carole's responsibilities have changed and she is not Vice-Chair of CfDC, having a different role now as ADA Coordinator in the Office of Institutional Equity.

Danny thanked Council for opportunity to attend and spoke about the Spinal Cord Injury Conference to be held on May 21st, saying that there would be an interesting panel discussing stem cell research (e.g., Sue O'Shea from UM, rep from Family Council) and embryonic vs adult stem cells. See blurb below:

May 21-22, 2005 Connection to SCI Cure "Science, Politics and Ethics of Spinal Cord Injury Research" University of Michigan Model SCI Care System Marriot Eagle Crest Conference Resort Ypsilanti, Michigan Lecture: Bernard Siegel "Politics of Stem Cell Research" Panel Discussion: Bernard Siegel (moderator), Dr. Jose Cibelli, Dr. Sue O'Shea and Rep. Andy Meisner

****Sue requests input for VOICES. She is on the Health and Wellness Subcommittee. She discussed central funding for faculty/staff accommocation with Laurita Thomas, and there may be $2500 available, possibly for scooters for patients and for staff with temporary disabilities. Discussion about CfDC co-sponsoring this effort (FIGS). Please email Sue with any ideas (suzanneb@umich.edu) for VOICES.


Mike M. discussed needing a lift for a CAT scan in the hospital. Jack mentioned that examination tables need to have lowering/raising mechanisms. Advantages of centralized funding were discussed with concomitant disincentives to hiring units if such are not available. Sam G. gave history of funding for accommodations and that Michigan Rehabilitative Services no longer reimbursing but that funding now available through Provost.

Snow Removal:

Carole discussed centralized method. one-call optimally, of alerting to snow obstacles/inaccessibility situations, with key onsite building facillitymanagers also having equipment available. 3 million square feet of sidewalks on campus to be cleared. Also, coordination with city necessary, since City clears streets. Carole will work on plan with strategic departments over summer and will present coordinated plan with efficient complaint system to Council when ready. Prioritizing buildings and identifying accessible entrances for emergency evacuation. Also specific person to be designated for each building in September. Discussion about availability of class schedules for those with mobility impairments and lettilng building services manager know by student self-identification or through SSD, or notifying DSS. Discussion of campus "system of organized anarchy."

Construction Advisory Committee:

Mike M. reported that Committee had met and that he will meet with Architect Doug Hannon on Wed. Jack will also attend meeting.

Paul reported that Ross Business School new facility has many different committees, which may be an opportunity for the Council to become involved, perhaps have Architect Doug Kepsel visit us. Paul could make contact.

Doug mentioned that the initial meeting with architect for Mosher-Jordan Dining renovation got scuttled, but Kathy from Housing still hopeful that all can meet. Discussion ensued about non-UM individuals attending preliminary meeting, but it was decided to be nonproductive to push for this since it would not advance our goals.

Carole presented copies of the Draft of the Evacuation Plan.

****Carole would like ideas, additions/corrections to Draft of the Evacuation Plan. If you would like a copy of the plan or if you have any comments on it, please write Carole (cfd@umich.edu).

*****Mike E. (melledge@umich.edu) would like Council members to examine the new web site, as yet unlinked, and provide him with thoughts on it. Discussion ensued re: form for accessibility complaints and where it should be located. Complaints submitted on form can go directly to Carole's office and then she can make any necessary referrals. Should we maintain a database for this input? In case of URGENT matters, a caveat must be included; e.g., for snow emergency accessibility issues, the Call Center (Becky) must be contacted. And if Carole is away, the urgent matters cannot be attended to, so a fall-back would be necessary. Discussion of acknowledgement to be sent for feedback. Sam suggested archiving to a database to show steps taken--for future reference. Mike M. mentioned his helpdesk server with assigned tickets for various projects and accessibility by keyword. Carole suggested that complaints go to both places. Mike E. and Mike M. will pursue, including Plant Extension contact). Paul mentioned pet peeve of people e-mailing urgent messages that then may not be noticed, instead of *phoning* with urgent messages. Jay suggested that we have a blog with basic procedures linking information. He offered to set one up for the Council so that we can continue our threads of conversation and also link to Plant Site Guide, keeping comments and uploading documents on the blog. Becky suggested having a Council membership list on the web site (including new photo) with contact information included.

****Please send Carole (cfd@umich.edu) comments on text of accessibility complaints form to be included on our web site.

Investing in Abilities Week:

Doug announced that Tony Coehlo has agreed to come speak on Monday, October 24th. Wally G. had said that he can provide some guaranteed turn-out from his group of Health Science Scholars and will also be able to contribute $500 towards Tony C's honorarium (to be given to the Epilepsy Foundation). That leaves plane fare and hotel expenses to be paid. Tony will speak on his experiences with having epilepsy and the health care system. He will also discuss his advocacy for disability, the law, and future challenges. Discussion ensued about site for lecture--League? Union? We need to reserve space *now* and make sure it is accessible to mobility-impaired.

Anna announced that the Dogs on the Diag idea (Jane and her dog YUKON will be our contacts) is going to be a main feature of IAW.

Danny will give a talk (topic to be decided on).

Sue mentioned a film on learning disabilities that she recommends for showing in conjunction with IAW: "How Difficult Can This Be."

Jack suggested that we compile more specifics on IAW to be presented at our June meeting.

Meeting was adjourned shortly after 1 pm.