CfDC Minutes — May 5, 2010

Attending: Jack Bernard, Chair; Doug White: Vice Chair; Margaret Hough; Gerald Hoff; Carolyn Grawi; Eleanor Chung; Jill Rice; Susan Bourrie; Joan E. Smith; Karen Dickinson (Welcome, Karen); Pam Baker Trostle (Welcome, Pam!); AJ Winchester (Welcome, AJ!); Els Nieuwenhuijsen; steve Sarrica; Scott Williams; Martha Reck; Emily Campbell; Paul Guttman: Nyshourn Price-Reed; Diane Achatz; Xan luck; Liz Petty; Tracy Wright; Phil Larson; Anna Ercoli Schnitzer (minutes).

Introductions were made around the table (and in view of the large number of members in attendance, the need for more chairs, or possibly a larger room next time, was expressed).

The meeting began with reports by Anna, Gerald, and Joni on accessibility issues at the UM Stadium during Commencement on May 1st (with President Barack Obama as the speaker). Examples of problems: Incline too steep for many people pushing the chairs; wheelchairs not all returned; people denied seating in section for deaf and hard of hearing in Section 22 (Joni volunteered to serve as the CfDC’s liaison for arranging appropriate accommodations at the event, in an advisory capacity); lack of informational signs. Pluses: captions were good on the one big screen; cups of water on concourse good to have available; accessible Portajohns on field and some other accessible restrooms were also usable. Phil also contributed input having been stationed at the tunnel entrance to the Stadium where the door was too narrow for some wheelchairs. There was only 1 chair for emergency use. There were no 'runners" for the people stationed on the field. It was decided that all reports of both positive and negative issues should be sent to Paul Guttman who graciously agreed to filter these and pass them along to the proper sources.

Brief report on Investing in Ability Week (this year's theme is Veterans and Abilities) given by Anna and Martha. Keynote speaker will be Brig. General Carol Anne Fausone, who will give two lectures on October 28th, one at UMHS on veterans and health, and the second at the AADL on effect on veterans' families. Traumatic Brain Injury Panel and Expressive Writing Workshops will also take place during the week of October 25th. Details to be announced in time.

Phil reported on the UM's Veterans Symposium to be held on November 16th with Gen. Joe Swartz as keynote speaker.

Discussion of Ergopods and of Adaptive Technology Laboratory (Jim Knox is retiring next month) with exploration of interim replacement options, since a number of students badly need this equipment. Steve provided information on cuts to ITS (16%) and what SITES can do/cannot do toward maintaining Ergopods.

Editorial comment from Anna: Please remember to nominate worthy candidates for the Neubacher Award and Certificates of Appreciation (to be given out at the Ceremony on the morning of October 29th--to which EVERYONE is welcome!): Neubacher Award website »