CfDC Minutes — June 1, 2011

Attending: Anna Ercoli Schnitzer (serving as Chair in the absence of Jack Bernard and taking the minutes); Carolyn Grawi; Monique Kulick; Sally Haines; Bob Meyer; Jack Love; Toni Morales: Eleanor Chang; Anthoy Walesby; Scott Williams; Randi Johnson; Phil Larson; Carol Tucker; Sam Montgomery; Adena Rottenstein; Tracy Wright; Catherine Starr; Chuck Hughes


Bob Meyer announced that the Kidney Foundation Fundraiser would take place on 8/16 to raise money for young kidney patients to attend a special camp. It is Mr. B’s 300 mile tour with a Chelsea to Ann Arbor accompanying bike ride.

Carolyn Grawi announced the End of Summer Great Lakes Independence Ride (a bicycling fund raiser for AA Center for Independent Living, on August 4-7, going from the western part of the State of Michigan to Ann Arbor, a total of 240 miles) in which participants can join in at points near the end if they cannot ride the whole way.

Adena Rottenstein reminds us through a follow-up message:

  • Thank you to those who recommended places to recruit upper-extremity amputees for my disability prejudice study.
  • I am on the hunt for new undergraduate research assistants for my lab. The website (which has directions for how they can apply) is:
  • I'm currently running an online survey of people with disabilities for my dissertation. If anyone would be so kind as to participate, it takes an average of 5–10 minutes to complete.
  • I would be happy to participate in the formation of some sort of disability-ally program. My work with IGR (the program on intergroup relations) is helping me to compile some very useful resources for that type of work.


Our program for this meeting was presented by our special NAMI guests Chuck Hughes, Jack Love, and Catherine Starr. Thank you very much, NAMI members, for your educational PowerPoint presentation to the Council members. (Slides shown will be posted and available on their website:

Much interesting material was presented by our NAMI guests. Topics covered included: prevalence and types of mental illness, as well as stigma about mental illness. They also talked about the fact that mental illness is the leading cause of disability; they gave statistics and described the laws and the difficulty in obtaining hospitalization in the case of a crisis; they talked about prison statistics and the likelihood of being in prison because of mental illness. They described NAMI and its mission. Further specific information about mental illness is available on the national website:

Following the presentation by Catherine of her personal journey which epitomizes hope for recovery thanks to a caring family and friends plus good therapy, there was a period of Q&A and a discussion of what the U-M can do to provide allied/advocacy training and safe zones to assist employees who may have bouts of mental illness. Bureaucracy, health care reform and availability (or lack thereof) of emergency services were all discussed, as were methods of obtaining medication through pharmaceutical charity programs if people have no insurance and/or cannot afford the meds otherwise. NAMI has resources to share and can be helpful. They also issue a monthly newsletter, have monthly meetings, and links to support groups. The local phone number for NAMI in Washtenaw County is 734-994-6691.