CfDC Minutes — June 2, 2004

Attending: Jack Bernard, Doug White, Joan E. Smith, Wally Genser, Jeff Tibbs, Sam Breck, Mike Elledge, Anna Ercoli Schnitzer (minutes).

Jack called the meeting to order after a discussion on how to define a disability, whether or not a person has a disability (vs an injury) with the conclusion that each case has to be addressed on an individual basis, and that at UM we are moving forward with vigor but at times we overlook some factors; progress has been made in the disability area but we must do even more.

Joan discussed the Adam Miller Birthday Fund Club. Adam would have been 33 this year, so anyone interested in joining the Club is invited to send Joan ( $33. Joan announced an Adam Miller Fund fundraiser to be held on Sunday, June 13th at the Nickels Arcade (326 S. State St.) partly sponsored by Van Boven Clothing (15% of all sales to be donated to the Miller Fund), from 11 until 6 pm. There will be door prizes, refreshments, modeling, etc. All are invited to attend.

Mike led the discussion on a revised Council web page. Ideas were submitted: FAQ, where to find disability resources at UM and elsewhere, links to policies re: disability and to related sites. We could have important announcements on homepage. We could have a link for those who are having difficulty navigating the site. We could list all Neubacher and Certificate of Appreciate winners chronologically. We could have a "search" function. We could have a link on how to obtain our videos. We should have a suggestion submission mechanism and also a means of joining or supporting the Council (financially). We want this site to be a shining example of web accessibility, so Jack suggested that we should run the page past people with a variety of disabilities. We could even incorporate a video into the site and have some adaptive technology software available online eventually.

Sam brought up the topic of a video for would-be-UM students with disabilities. We do have a handbook and we offer information in some of our letters of admission. The video "And You Can Quote Me.." has been sent our to some students.

Discussion on the most disability-friendly major universities: Univ Ill, Univ Minn, Berkeley. Perhaps we could get the Univ Minn video on disabilities to show at a Council meeting?

IAW was discussed. There are over 30 nominations for the Neubacher Award. Mike will once again hold workshops for designing accessible web sites. They will probably be held in the Faculty Exploratory at the Grad Library.

Council members should submit suggestions for Certificates of Appreciation--send names to Carole ( or Sam ( We need to recognize faculty, especially, Jack said.

Joan discussed having a film ("Liebe Perla") shown in the Michigan Theater back screening room for Investing in Ability Week, starting October 25th. This would take the place of a keynote speaker for our events, perhaps. Jack suggested that we work with the Theater people so that they eventually show relevant films (for free) on a regular basis for IAW. The filmmaker of "Liebe Perla" could be invited as a special guest and we could have a panel discussion again, which worked very well last time.

Joan will contact the director of the Center for Independent Living and will invite him to the September 8th meeting. We should work with CIL during IAW.

Our next meeting is July 7th and the following one is August 4th.

Discussion about bumping those with no disabilities if special accommodation is needed at a computer station.

Sam B. mentioned a special checkboard he had received, one designed by Stephanie Rowan (to be considered for a Certificate of Appreciation?). He also talked about a descriptive video, for which the Michigan Theater could probably provide suitable technology.

Joan described a mirror device that would provide captions to individual users. She will send more information about this item to Jack.

Jack described a measuring cup that he had discovered at Bed, Bath and Beyond, one where you can see the various gradients from the top of the cup, so that it is easier to use.

Jack announced that Joan is NOT ALLOWED to retire.