CfDC Minutes — June 4, 2003


Keith Kim, Ann Chi, Sammir Emdanat, Jack Bernard, Brian Clapham, Doug White, Jennifer Symonds, Christine Brown, Anna Schnitzer, Joan E. Smith, Warren Clark, Els Nieuwenhuijsen, Mike (from ATCS), Jim Knox, Mike Myatt, Sam Goodin and M. Elledge were excused but there was no notice from other missing members.

General Comments:

Center for Independent LIving held their annual "Walk & Roll" last Saturday at EMU, Bowen Field House. Well attended by many UofM staff members and lots of community members. Tobin Seibers and Mike Myatt are currently Board Members of C.I.L. Jack Bernard met w/ Jerry May of the Development Office to discuss a hopeful, major funding project for Invest in Abilities Week. Jack requests members to submit names of possible donors to him so we can get assistance from Development.

Jack also met with Bill Martin in Athletics. Jack hopes to bring Jim Abbott (of baseball fame) as a speaker for Invest in Abilities week. Jim could then attend a baseball reunion and attend their golf outing. He was not planning to attend but will if we can cover the costs of his hosting and his fee. Jack thinks it is about $4,000. It was suggested we connect with U.A.C., University Activities Center, to partner with them for Jim Abbott. UAC brings speakers to campus and may be willing to help us.

Jack also met with Pres. Mary Sue Coleman. She was familiar with our council and had talked to other members in the past about our work. She was asked to give out the Neubacher Award this year and has penciled it onto her calendar.

Brian called and left msg for Henry Butler, Jazz musician, hopeful for IAW.

Anna contacted Dance Marathon but they are not making plans until they get their funding.

Anna contacted the A2 library about an exhibition and will report again at the next meeting.

Neubacher award has 34 nominations and the committee will make the decision at a meeting next Tuesday.

Speakers for IAW, Sam Goodin will report on Richard Harris and his presentation on F.D.R.

Jim KNox and Mike Myatt will again have a workshop for IAW, possibly an open house every afternoon for a week. He could make a presentation on campus wide accessiblity.

David Mitchell from Chicago was recommended as a speaker. He is the alumnus with the presentation on disabled people in Germany during the war.

Could Tobin Siebers make a presentation?

Els felt we should let some of our own experts from UofM shine.

Office of Institutional Equity has only committed to the money for the Nuebacher event, we need more.

Joan E. Smith said she would contact Saul Green about possible UofM Alumni supporting the Jim Abbott presentation.

Deadline for ideas ... next meeting.

Joan E. Smith said she would talk to Thomas Roach, Regent Emeritis as a possible speaker for IAW.

Could we partner with Paralzed Vets for an event at IAW?

Jack discussed meeting with the APG Provost and Deans present language for syllabi to SACUA language not imposed but recommended (if deans want to impose..GREAT!)

Brian Clapham: SSW already adopted

Jack is crafting language for use in letters of admission (only Law School currently has this)

Who will respond to email to the council? Anna, Jack, Carol, Brian (we do not want to impose further barriers)

Table at Festifall this year? LGBTA presented "You Can Quote Me on That," Christine & Jack attended

Els will contact Connie Cook at CRLT concerning training for GSI and issues of disability

Our next meeting will be July 9 room 2816 School of Social Work.