CfDC Minutes — June 6, 2012

In attendance: Anna Ercoli Schnitzer (serving as Chair in Jack Bernard's absence and also scribe); Gerald Hoff; Debra Hire (Welcome, Debra!); Melanie Nau; Jane Vincent; Els Nieuwenhuijsen; Tony Derezinski (Welcome and Thank You, Tony!); Carolyn Grawi; Joshua Schramm; Lisa Clark; Adena Rottenstein; Darlene Nichols (Welcome, Darlene!); Terry Soave; Carole Dubritsky.

Brief introductions were made around the table.

Councilman Tony Derezinski, from Ann Arbor's Ward 2, was introduced to the Council members and gave a presentation, starting out with telling us that his motto is "to make a great community even better." He gave a little of his own personal history with disability issues and told of working with Els on Ann Arbor City projects with the goals of raising awareness about disability issues and increasing accessibility/enjoyment of life for all. Councilman Derezinski described his idea of stressing aging well in place. and told of interviewing public figures, with a working paper presented to Council as the result. He spoke of a database giving information about services for the disabled and about accessibility, a disability-friendly map; this would be a central resource that could be kept current with updates. He also described a proposal/idea to have a summit on the disability of aging (AA having been named by AARP as "the healthiest place for retirement") that would possibly include: AARP, appropriate UM units--both medical and policy planning, the City of Ann Arbor/Planning Dept, AATA, SEMCOG representatives, etc. We would have sponsorship and networking by doing this. SEMCOG data tell us that in 2035, 1 of 5 residents will be 65 or older.

After the presentation, there was a short discussion of whether the summit with AARP would be linking disability to aging alone, or whether the results would be inclusive. There were several questions (about safety re: fire/police, about store/restaurant accessibility that impinge on activities of daily living, etc.)

We will skip the July Council meeting since it falls on the FOURTH OF JULY! At any rate, have a happy 4th!

View the YouTube video (as promised) about a lively downtown from Kirk Westphal.

Here are some relevant resources about aging that Els has forwarded:

This does not mean that Ann Arbor should limit its efforts to the “aging” residents only; one could define “aging” as “all ages”.