Minutes, CfDC Meeting of June 7, 2006

Attending: Jack Bernard, Chair; Doug White, Vice Chair; Jennifer Nordstrom (welcome!); Jack Haynes (welcome!); Gerald P. Hoff; Liz Wilson (welcome!); Carolyn Grawi: Carole Dubritsky: Sam Goodin; Jim Knox; Anna Ercoli Schnitzer (minutes)

Meeting was called to order and introductions made all around.

REMOTE DOOR OPENERS FOR WHEELCHAIR USERS: Jack Haynes, our guest from the Plant Dept. led a discussion on remote openers mounted on wheelchairs (proximate reader) and various possibilities were discussed for these by the whole group, including convenience, where to mount, safety and privacy aspects, automated unlocking from inside, economics, retrofitting, AVI vs other type of remote openers. Carole mentioned "identifiable occupant" and how she should be advised of any. Carole also wants to add a reasonable number of additional criteria to be installed automatically in new buildings and renovations. Jack mentioned that we should have a certain amount of sophistication, e.g., entrance vs exit differences and two doors, as in a vestibule, needing opening only once.

NEUBACHER AWARD: Anna gave update, saying that we have received about 13 nominations and that the floor is still open for nominations for Certificates of Appreciation (schnitzr@umich.edu); Sam discussed potential candidate and finding out more information about this. Jim and Sam both mentioned a nominee for Certificates.

INVESTING IN ABILITY EVENTS: Doug went down the list and various events were discussed in greater or lesser detail. IAW list attached. We will continue to finalize titles, times, places of various activities. Gerald told of his idea about T-Birds being added as an annual event with celebrities and athletes to be added and a tradition to be formed (if the Neubachers agree to the use of the name). UM Team could play T-Birds or else children could join in, using chairs. Date of week to be decided; week end before or after Neubacher Ceremony to be decided.

UM GATEWAY ACCESSIBILITY: Jack declared that he is still gathering information and would like to submit it all at once. Please write Jack with further input (bernar@umich.edu) about Gateway issues.

Meeting was adjourned shortly after 1 pm.