CfDC Minutes of Meeting, July 5, 2006


Jack Bernard, Chair; Doug K White, Vice-Chair; Joe Lentini (welcome, Joe!), Jennifer Nordstrom; Gerald P. Hoff; Darlys Vander Beek; Paul Guttman; Carole Dubritsky; Els Nieuwenhuijsen; Karen Wanza (welcome, Karen!); Anna Ercoli Schnitzer (minutes).

Meeting was called to order by the Chair and introductions were made around the table.

Els is now a Commissioner on the City of Ann Arbor Council for Disability Issues. There are two vacation positions left. Council meets at 3:15 once/month on the third Wednesday of each month. Anyone interested can attend a meeting and fill in a form on the website:

Anna announced the winner of the Neubacher Award (Dennis Borel of the Coalition of Texans with Disabilities). She will contact Dennis and travel arrangements will be made.

Jack encouraged us to keep the list for Certificates of Appreciation open (so far we have 13 award winners) until September, so that students can also have input into nominations for these.

The Neubacher Committee has decided to honor Ed Loyer at the Ceremony this year on October 27th. Further details to follow.


Doug reviewed the Working Calendar and advised us that we are still seeking funding, although we are doing fairly well in covering planned expenses to date. We still need a venue for the wheelchair basketball game, which Gerald is working on; Jennifer has provided an excellent contact to the UM team/coach.

The next Speakers' Meeting will be held on July 12th, and we hope to get all publicity out on time this year. We need an "Ann Arbor Observer" type description for each event. We will send blurbs out to any contact we have in each publication and we will try to follow up, as well.

Carole stated that the Depression Committee will contact and connect personally as much as possible.

Els will get in touch with Prof. Schoeni for a scholarly presentation over lunch on trends in disability through UMInDS. She and Dar will help promote IAW to the City of Ann Arbor through livecast tv of their meetings. Ira Lax of the AA District Library has volunteered to set up an exhibit of books on disability for IAW.

Karen Wanza was introduced and spoke about her experiences and offered ideas about how we could publicize our events. Doug will ask Sarah Watkins to get in touch with Karen for a possible write-up for the "AA Observer."

Doug descriped Full Captel Service that Liz O'Dell brought to his attention and will send an electronic copy to Council members. There is a limited one-time price for Michigan of $99 (versus the usual $495) and the system should be very helpful to those with hearing difficulties. A regular phone is used with captions provided, and there is an operator service involved.

Carole announced that the hospital has hired another sign language interpreter and that UMHS is working with St. Joe's to have a consortium for on-call interpreting. Also video phones are available for rooms for the hearing impaired as well as portable TTY.

Anna mentioned Metro Airport and the lawsuit going on to prevent curtailing of pickup and delivery of passengers in need of assistance.

Jack discussed the Gateway web site and still is soliciting comments ( He spoke to Mike Elledge about this, and Mike said that pages have to be unbundled and recrafted. Jack is waiting to give all the comments at once.