CfDC Minutes — July 7, 2004

Present: Mike Elledge, Sam Goodin, Jeffrey Tibbs, Anne Chi, Carole Dubritsky, Sam Breck, Jack Bernard, Els Nieuwenhuijsen, Rasika Karnik, Bidish Sarma (welcome, Rasika and Bidish!), Doug White, Anna Ercoli Schnitzer (minutes).

Jack called the meeting to order and announced that he has a new cell phone, which led to a discussion of using cell phones for UM evacuation procedures for those with disabilities, perhaps along the same lines as is done for domestic violence victims, e.g., just emergency numbers are available. For basement purposes, an enhanced signal could be used.

Introductions were made. Two members of Dance Marathon were present for the first time, Rasika and Bidish.

New business consisted of discussion of new CfDC stationery and whether we should have logo and/or UM symbol on it. It was decided to use both and to have the contact information be the with the Council's web site included on the stationery. Members of Council are encouraged to provide feedback about this issue to Carole (

Meeting times were discussed, e.g., alternating between mornings at 9 and the noon hour. It was decided that we will continue with the noon meeting for fall but try for mornings during winter. Also, it was discussed that we might want to have two meetings per month because we are energized and excited (Jack's words) during our meeting and then lose momentum until the next one.

Mike discussed the web site and distributed a handout. He will e-mail us a file to load onto our desktops and then view through our browsers. His plan is to make the CfDC web site easy for the non-sighted individuals to read with a screen reader and yet maintain navigational links for the sighted user. He mentioned a streamlined site for those who use a modem (turning off images) and that he is working with Sakai xml (a type of coursetool for the world).

Carole talked about the Disability Resources web site which is frustrating and hard to use, and she distributed a flyer with ideas about content. A comment was made that a search button would be helpful. Accessibility to athletic events still needs to be worked on. The form to fill out for accessibility concerns will be sent to both Sam and Carole.

ATTN: Carole called for nominations for Certificates of Appreciation for the Neubacher Award Ceremony (send to call, everybody!

Bidish asked whether the Trotter House will be more accessible and when. Dates are not yet set.

Dance Marathon has not established dates for its programs yet. We shall include DM in our IA publicity.

Els announced that there is a telephone survey for users of assistive technology (contact: She also announced an Open House for the Dept. of PM&R on July 30th at Eisenhower Office, 4-6 pm.

Carole distributed a list of Investing in Ability Events. Mike will conduct 3 events. Sam said that Ford Motors will sponsor a career workshop for those with disabilities. Jeff will provide a streaming video. Wally will be in charge of the CRLT players (in 2 locations this year).

Jack announced that thanks to a number of people, we will have Sarah Watkins as our work-study student.

Jack mentioned a parking issue that had come up.

Our next meeting will be August 4th.