CfDC Minutes July 9, 2003


Joe Minarik, Richard Kerwin, Anne Chi, Sam Breck, Brian Clapham, Jack Bernard, Stuart Segal, Robert DeYoung, Margaret Hough, Carole Dubritsky, Els Nieuwenhuysen, Wallace Genser, Jack Novodoff, Vic Rosenberg, Martha Adamson, Mike Myatt, Anna Ercoli Schnitzer (minutes).

General Comments:

Jack mentioned that he had been to a conference on law/disability in Minnesota.

Sam presented some "good news": starting on 8/25/03 there will be an AATA circulator bus known as "Link" that will run between S. University, Liberty, Maynard, Catherine, Fourth, Forest, Hill, E. University and will have 24 stops with busses every 8 minutes and 24 stops including 12 parking areas, from 10:30 am until 10:30 p.m, costing $.25 per ride with possibility of transfers from full fare busses. This bus, which will be purple, will be free for the first month.

Investing in Abilities Week (IAW):

Carole reported on Art Oasis (students with psychiatric disabilities)--looking for venue to display works. She also reported on M-Flicks and asked for recommendations of major studio feature films on disabilities that might be displayed; a variety of suggestions were given to Carole. More are always welcome.

Sam suggested at least one descriptive video to be shown, perhaps to be obtained from the Library for the Blind on Hogback Road.

Robert reported on his contact with Women's Studies, where there is a place to display artwork and also the possibility of a colloquium on disability issues connected with Women's Studies--speakers and topics and date still to be suggested. Perhaps faculty or graduate students can participate in a panel discussion. Robert also report on the Firefly, which will try to book artists with disabilities during IAW.

Wallace stated that he had been in touch with the Michigan Theater and that it would cost $500 for us to show a film there. Follow-up discussion revolved around the fact that they could pick a feature film involving disabilities and charge for it. Sam will speak with Russ Collins, the manager. Performance Network has offered to provide space, Wallace reported. Sam mentioned that AA District Library has an all-purpose room where they could show films to involve the larger community. Els reported on the CRLT's interactive skit "Disabilities in the Classroom" and Wallace suggested that perhaps CRLT could perform at Performance Network.Discussion about whether CRLT would perform for students or just for faculty. Jack thought we could urge them (Jeff Steiger) to perform for everybody. Els also reported on a VA wheelchair lab (Dr. David Gader) which could be open for IAW.

Discussion about a shuttle to VA and whether it would be wheelchair accessible. Els has contacted Tobin Siebers re: UMINDS' kickoff or business 1-hour event. Els told about local public health dept. that could present re: group home Chidester Place Project, in Ypsilanti, and/or promote physical activity and disabilities and nutrition themes at the hospital or else, perhaps, have a booth in the basement of the Michigan Union to present this information.

Jack explained that the Council, although without a budget, sponsors several activities directly as well as going to University and community members to urge them to sponsor their own presentation on a disability issue, using their own resources of time, energy, and, even, money. Jack urged us to work together, being creative, vigilant, and proactive in promoting events and tapping sources for resources. Logistics for scheduling were briefly discussed, and so far only one event has been scheduled, the Neubacher Award, on October 24th in the Michigan League.

Our deadline for events to be scheduled should be the end of July, i.e., we should submit our events to Jack and/or Brian so that they can be coordinated. STOP (Students to Prevent Paralysis) led by Jeff Kominsky, was mentioned and this project will be referred to Sam G.

Neubacher Award:

Carole described the Committee's activities, the criteria for the award, stated that there were 35 nominations this year and that Chris Savoie of the Wheelchair Seating Service had won the Neubacher award, but there would be additional certificates awarded, and the members of the CfDC are free to submit nominations for these. Contact Carole with nominations (

Barrier-Free Facilities:

Because of time limitations and the need to pursue other activities, Mike said that he regretted this but he had to resign from the Council, a statement that met with general understanding but gentle refusal to accept his resignation. He is, of course, invited in remain a member in absentia and to drop in to see us whenever he can.

Jack N. described the Facility Users Network (FUN) consisting of managers of campus buildings. He, Jack B. and Brian will meet with this group for 2 hours in November to discuss ADA and to present a list of deficiencies to be corrected. Jack B suggested that the video "And You Can Quote Me on That" be viewed by that group. Jack B said that Hank Byer recommended that 10 points be identified for FUN to work on, but Carole suggested that fewer points might be of greater value and provide better results in the long-run. Mike noted that the buildings need a person with disability to test the accommodation, because "up to code" does not necessarily work for those who have a disability. We will have a space on the Council's web site for people to use to report places on campus that need disability accommodation. Sam mentioned that retrofitting the AA District Library with a power door was more expensive. Brian suggested that the University architects be involved in these discussions at some point.

Ann Arbor City Council Disabilities Committee:

Carole mentioned that there are two open seats on this committee and that members of the University community would be welcomed to serve on it.