CfDC Minutes — July 11, 2007

In attendance: Carole Dubritsky, Sam Goodin, Carolyn Grawi, Gerald Hoff, Jim Knox, Els Nieuwenhuijsen, Martha Reck, Jill Rice, Susan Smart, Sarah Tankson, Darlys VanderBeek, and Doug White, Vice Chair (facilitating).

Doug called the meeting to order and volunteered to take minutes in the absence of other volunteers.

He talked briefly about the new account that's being created for the council. It will reside in the Office of Institutional Equity, though it will not be administered by that office but, rather, by a council designee. The Housing account which is currently used as a clearinghouse account for council funds and expenditures will no longer be needed and the funds in the new account will not be lost at the end of the fiscal year. Jim asked if contributions/donations made into this account will be able to be tax-deductible for the individual contributor. Doug will be looking into this.

Doug gave an update regarding the Neubacher Award and Certificates of Appreciation committee. The Neubacher Award winner has been chosen, but not announced yet. Likewise, fifteen people have been chosen to receive a Certificate of Appreciation.

A draft schedule of Investing in Ability Week was distributed and discussed. Gerald talked about the Investing in Ability Week web site which he and others are working on with UMHS Marketing and Communications. It will be linked from the Council's web site and the Council's web site will be linked on it. Els suggested that there be a UMINDS link on it also. He reported that there will be information on it related to contributing/donating money for IAW. Els asked whether or not the list of sponsors has been compiled. It hasn't yet, though Doug, et al., will be putting that together.

Carole mentioned that going through the disability-related links on the UM Gateway is a priority for her. The links need to be checked, cleaned up and, probably, added to.

Sarah talked about the logistical difficulties of finding people who can give practical help in town (e.g., transportation, etc.) for people with disabilities (so that they can get to appointments, etc.). Els invited her and/or any other interested parties to come to the Ann Arbor Commission on Disability Issues meetings on the 3rd Wednesday of every month at 3:15 to take part in the public comments section.

Carole talked about the focus groups for people with disabilities who have received treatment at UMHS. She will send out an email regarding this.

Carolyn will send out an email regarding the League of Women Voters City Council Candidate Debates. She will send out an email. Carolyn also distributed posters and other material related to IRide - the First Annual Great Lakes Independence Ride cycling adventure. For further information you can contact her at

Els talked about research proposals to determine the level of disability awareness on the part of city leaders and a meeting with the mayor regarding this. She also talked about the National Council on Disability (NOD) Accessible America competition for best disability friendly city and how an effort is underway to have Ann Arbor in the running for this. (Note from the minutes-taker: next year for IAW it might be good to have a session on disability-related issues in/for the City of Ann Arbor and, perhaps, more collaboration/cooperation for IAW, in general, between the City and the CFDC.

The next meeting will be on Wednesday, August 1 (location TBA). Sam suggested that at that time we have a discussion of what priorities we, as a council, would like to have for the coming year (perhaps identifying five). This could be a way of re-visiting and/or updating elements of our strategic plan.