CfDC Minutes — August 1, 2012

Attending: Jack Bernard, Chair; Anna Ercoli Schnitzer, Coordinator (minutes); Gerald Hoff; Debra Hire; Jane Vincent; Barb Schoffner (welcome!), Carole Dubritsky, Scott Williams, Els Nieuwenhuijsen, Ashley (welcome!), Dan Young (welcome!), Lisa Clark, Sally Hart Petersen (welcome!); Paul Guttman; Bob Meyer; Christa Moran; Rosemary Ziemba (welcome!); Joni Smith; Stuart Segal; Ellen Stross; Phil Larson.


Special Guest Sally Hart Petersen, Candidate for AA City Council from Second Ward, gave a presentation on her background, her interest in disability and in the families of those who are disabled—stemming from her sister’s condition of mentally delayed development, her request to become a member of the AA Commission on Disability, and her stands on various local topics pertaining to fire and police safety, making Ann Arbor a disability-friendly city, collaborative efforts between Ann Arbor and the University of Michigan, and related items. Q&A followed on a variety of subjects.

Anna gave a quick summary of Investing in Ability Week, Oct 22–26, with many excellent educational and entertaining events to be held, culminated by the James T. Neubacher Award Ceremony in Rackham Assembly Hall’s 4th level on the morning of Oct 26 (all invited!).

Christa reported being at two conferences where UMHS was praised on a national level because of going “above and beyond” with its interpreters and its general commitment to patients with all kinds of disabilities.

Daniel spoke of the parking situation at the new underground structure, from which it is impossible to exit if one cannot manipulate the automated pay station. Anna will notify the DDA and lodge some constructive criticism.

A discussion of the language used for accessible parking ensued (the word “handicapped”is still being used at State level and in the newspapers).

A discussion of our new Google email took place and whether it could be a beta test site or not. Google praised UM for its positive cultural attitude, Jack reported.

Jack recommended inviting Anna York to speak: she is the author of “Rising Up,” the autobiography of an individual who has multiple sclerosis. If we do not have sufficient room in the schedule, we can look into collaborating with the Ann Arbor District Library.