CfDC Minutes—August 2 , 2006


Doug K White, Council Vice Chair (in Jack’s absence).


Martha Reck, Gerald Hoff, Tom Peterson (Welcome!), Liz Wilson, Sam Goodin, Samir Karim, Els N., Jim Knox, Carolyn Grawi, Anna Ercoli Schnitzer (minutes).

Doug welcomed everyone and introductions were made. Doug thanked the Neubacher subcommittees for putting together the events and having them in place earlier than ever. Craig is in charge of the 8-1/2 by 11 inch postcards to be mailed out, and the posters will be out in Sept. E-mail will be sent out soon so everyone can be alerted in time about future Investing in Ability events.


Various members claimed various media outlets: Els--AA News and AA Mayor; Gerald--Freep and University Record; Anna--AA Observer and VOICES of the Staff.Sam/Tom--Hospital Planning & Marketing for the Star and Bulletin; also Multicultural Health; Sam G.--students list by date will be sent as time for event approaches. Anna will contact Matt Snyder of OIE to find out how e-mail is sent, to whom, and how soon (asap, pref).

Carolyn mentioned that Kristen was not sure whether UMiNDS class should come to events.

Anna mentioned emphasizing that the Neubacher Ceremony is open to everybody and that we want lots of people to attend (the auditorium at Palmer Commons seats 140 and has room for wheelchairs across the front of the front row).

Els said that the AA District Library will have display and also can include our poster. Turner Clinic is a good place for our poster. If it needs to be enlarged, Samir said that UMHS has a plotter that could be used.

Carolyn mentioned that the Library for the Blind could advertise in large print without icons.

Questions were raised about logistics for transportation of invitees--Answer: make own travel arrangement and be reimbursed.

Carolyn mentioned involving Alumni Center since winner is UM Alum. Doug and Carolyn will follow up with Joe.

Sam offered to make SSD scholarship announcements coincide with Neubacher Ceremony, with winners being invited to show up that day/time.

Samir mentioned possibility of learning credits to be given for events (to be investigated), e.g., for nursing or UMInDS.

Els congratulated Doug on having done a wonderful job. Doug congratulated everybody else.

Discussion of lack of available accessible rooms, with only 1 on central campus. Campus Inn has none. Outlying accessible rooms rapidly taken up on busy weekends. Gerald brought up AAA with high ratings being given even to hotels though no accessible rooms.

Discussion of Wheelchair Games: Dennis Fithian will be announcer, happens to be friend of Carey (last year's Award winner). Gerald has sent letters to professional teams. Not known yet which team Thunderbirds will play, p'haps Grand Rapids.

Anna will give Sam name of special award to be presented for the first time this year. Deans of School of Music, Theater and Dance will be invited to Ceremony because Elke Riedel will sing aria of her choice.

Liz mentioned having events online scroll down the page to capture attention.

Sam will send info to the web master of the main UM Gateway. Accessibility issues are in abeyance until Jack receives more information.

Els made an announcement about a new book "Deep--Real Life After Spinal Cord Injury" edited by Marcy Epstein and Travar Pettway, about 10 personal histories, written in tribute Julie Harrison.

Jim will have an open house every afternoon in the Adaptive Technology Lab in Shapiro basement, with Talking Points demo'ed, but he is not sure of the dates yet.

Anna will contact Matt Snyder of OIE about the web site re: IAW events.

Liz suggested more active and in-depth online info, eg. video, so that people can read about activities they could not attend.

Carolyn discussed experiential initiative at Siena Heights/Adrian College--so that users could experience disability. Other universities can plug into this.

Samir said that in conjunction with events held at UMHS, hospital equipment such as wheelchairs could be used by the attendees--to experience use of wheelchairs (also done by a medical school class).

Meeting was adjourned promptly at 1 pm.