Council for Disability Concerns Minutes — August 3, 2005

Attending: Doug White (Vice-Chair, Presiding), Cathy Frank (Special Guest Presenter), Becky Rohre, Daniel Heumann, Sue Bade, Jim Knox, Paul Guttman, Anna Ercoli Schnitzer (Minutes).

Doug White, Vice-Chair of Council, brought the meeting to order and introductions were made around the table.

Cathy Frank of the UMHS Office of Organizational Effectiveness presented Council Members with issues that her committee is now working with, including diversity, conflict resolution, performance evaluation, supervisor training, LGBT topics, and, now, reaching out to the differentlly-abled. She described the Advisory Board and the Team she works with (about 30 people with plans to add more individuals and to make new connections).

Discussion ensued about accessibility issues at the hospital offices and clinics, Council members' input into new construction and renovation across campus, linking individuals to proper helping sources. Further discussion involved disclosure of hidden disabilities versus non-disclosure with possible concomitant problems. Additional items that were discussed included sensitivity training and the asking of appropriate questions in order to create a comfortable environment, advocacy for disability issues and what the process should be, finding the correct person to ask about problems, conflict resolution. and the need for inclusiveness, education, the reduction of stigma, and the raising of general awareness around disability issues.

It was thought by Council members that Cathy's Office would be a natural fit with the Council (and vice versa).

Sue Bade explained M-Works and special accommodation for specific needs, which is what the Voices Health and Wellness Group is now working on.

Paul Guttman contributed information about training for employee selection/interviewing/supervisory skills that occur in Plants.


Investing in Abilities Week planning updates were given:

Doug distributed the calendar of events, including Paws with a Cause on the Diag and Tony Coehlo's talk on Monday, Barb's video presentation on Tuesday, CRLT players on Thursday, and the Neubacher Award on Friday of the IAW beginning October 24th.

Sue said that perhaps the School of Education would show the leaning disabilities video to its students; one of the professors there has expressed an interest in showing it. Sue will follow up with Sam Goodin about second video.

Jim Knox will have an Adaptive Technology Open House in the Shapiro Laboratory, as he has done in the past, for IAW.

Mike Elledge will teach web accessibility, as he has done in the past.

Danny Heumann and Doug will work on scheduling a lecture by Danny (perhaps at the Michigan League?).

Cathy Frank said that her group would help promote IAW, perhaps through tickets for "Murderball" if we can get the Michigan Theater to play it during that week. If that plan works out, perhaps we can ask the "Storm" players to be on another panel. Anna will look into the Michigan Theater/"Murderball" possibilities.

Becky offered to contact Jay Sennett and to help him with the Facilities event that had been proposed for IAW a while ago.


Anna gave a report on the Neubacher Committee.

Carey Larabee has been awarded the Neubacher prize this year. The ceremony will take place in the Michigan Room of the Michigan League at 10:00 am on Friday, October 28th. We are hoping that President Coleman can be present to give the award as she did two years ago. Certificates of Appreciation will also be awarded to a number of people who have worked hard to provide accessibility to all and to raise consciousness about disability issues. Everyone is welcome to attend. Refreshments will be served.


Discussion of the letter to local businesses regarding compliance with ADA regulations was postponed until Jack can be present at Council meeting.


Our next Council meeting will be held on September 7th. Doug will send out a reminder about this meeting.