CfDC Minutes — August 3, 2011

Attending the meeting: Anna Ercoli Schnitzer (Coordinating and responsible for minutes), Gerald Hoff, Carolyn Grawi, Scott Williams, Tom Bayer and Judy, Els Nieuwenhuijsen., Lloyd Shelton (welcome, Lloyd!), Jennifer Wakenell and her parents (Special Guests).

Turner Town

Our special guest Jennifer Wakenell and her parents set up Turner Town display to illustrate the background of the Turner Syndrome and the Nonverbal Learning Disabilities Campaign. Jennifer showed slides and presented the facts about Turner Syndrome in conjunction with this interactive self-teaching traveling exhibit. The centerpiece is a collection of miniature dollhouses with individual storyboards depicting the challenges and solutions for this disorder. View further information about Turner Town.

Jennifer reports that she is willing to present Turner Town and to conduct further speaking engagements on this topic for both adults and youths (she has devised a number of games to make the information more lively and interesting to young people). Jennifer, a graduate student at the University of Michigan’s School of Social Work, has participated in several Turner Syndrome medical research programs, conferences, and campaigns. In addition, she is a current contact for telephone or internet inquiries to the Turner Syndrome Society of the United States.

Other Business

Anna provided a message from Emily Campbell about the Buddy Walk on 9/25, to raise funds for the Down Syndrome Support Team, specifically Team Teddy. View details and donate to Team Teddy.

Anna reported that she is looking for volunteers for a focus group for a firefighter in view of the fact that firefighters/police are being laid off in Ann Arbor, and in view of the fact that First Responders are vital to those individuals who are elderly or who happen to have disabilities.

Carolyn distributed flyers on the 35th Anniversary AACIL Gala Benefit and auction to be held on the evening of October 22 at the North Campus Research Complex. Honorary Co-Chairs are Mrs. Jan Lyons and Mr. Phil Jenkins. View further information about the AACIL Gala Benefit and auction.

Future Council Programs

For September, we are planning to have a lively, educational discussion, facilitated by Carolyn Grawi, about various models of disability during our September meeting.

For October, we have invited two special guests from the Michigan Rehabilitation Service. I am sure that they will welcome questions from the audience. Please spread the word to anyone interested in attending our future meetings.