CfDC Minutes — August 5, 2009

Present: Jack Bernard, Chair; Doug White, Vice Chair; Carolyn Grawi; Tracy Wright; Paul Guttman; Ryan Christman; Carole Dubritsky; Gerald Hoff; Penelope Frenette (welcome, Penelope!) Tom Bayer; Martha Reck; Susan Bourrie; Scott Williams; Anna Ercoli Schnitzer (minutes).

Introductions were made around the table.

Doug passed out the agenda and the most recent Investing in Ability Schedule (see attached).

Anna gave a brief report on the Neubacher Award status.

UM Investing in Ability Week is now on Facebook. For those on Facebook, please look for it and feel free to join the group. We have only 14 members so far.

Jack discussed the funding that the Council had received for the next three years. It will be $15,000/year with carry over possible from year to year. This will give stability and accountability to the Council; we will be able to germinate other activities, have a website professionally done; "be a voice" for disabilities, pushing initiatives forward, seeking matching donations will be possible.

Doug mentioned that this could be disruptive to previous mindset toward funds (since we had no reliable source that we could count on previously). This should not change our view toward having partners and needing buy-in from others. Idea was presented about having a finance committee to manage funding; OIE will reconcile account. We should show how we used the funding and thus increase level of our professionalism.

We originally wanted to aim for enough funding to hire a part-time staff person, which would be part of another job, to assist with minutes, coordinating volunteers, and helping with Council tasks. Perhaps we could use a volunteer to do this.

A question was asked about whether we could obtain a P-card for the Council.

Gary Talbot gave us some funding (also to AACIL) with a matching gift from his wife's company.

Jack described his recent experience presenting to 2,000 people at the National Federation for the Blind in Detroit. Ray Kurzweil was present.

Discussion of having partners (entities) vs friends (individuals).

Carole announced that the CIL and MPV will be reviewing the schematic design blueprints for the proposed Basketball Player Development Center adjacent to Crisler arena on Monday, August 10, 2009 from 1:30 - 3pm at Ad Services (Hoover and Greene). Paul Guttman is stopping by to review the design this week. Other Council members are invited to join us and/or call Carole for any information.

Carole also announced that construction documents have been issued for the improvements to the Soccer stadium and the Law School/Hutchins Hall expansion. Anyone with questions can call Carole at 764-3425.

Jack suggested that Carole and perhaps one if the UM architects may want to make a presentation to the Council regarding either current projects or the process that takes place with a major renovation or new construction project.