CfDC Minutes — August 6, 2003


jack bernard, mike duvenbak, carol dubritsky, keith kim, anna schnitzer, warren clark, brian clapham, joe minarik, jim knox, stuart segal, joan smith, anne chi, mike wallace, sam goodin, sam breck, doug white from residence halls, vic Rosenberg

Certificates of appreciation:

Numerous people have been nominated as a result of Neubacher process. Committee is open to additional nominees. Should be delivered to Carol by next meeting..

Discussion of criteria for certificate receipt:

a person outside the University community was suggested. Prior, all recipients have been affiliated with the University. Purpose was to raise awareness within the University. Should donor potential be considered, regardless of University affiliation. Carol will redraft certificate criteria.

President is still scheduled to present the Neubacher Award.

Will draft letters encouraging associates of Neubacher recipient to attend the awards ceremony.

Syllabus Language:

Jack distributed the current version of the paragraph, including a set of goals of the paragraph. Faculty will be encouraged to include this paragraph in their course syllabi. In general, people seem satisfied with the wording.

Ann Arbor Commission on Disability:

sam breck - 15 mayoral apointrees. Mission is to advise mayor and city council as it may affect disabled people and to suggest to them ways of increasing opportunities for idependence. City is required to have a transition plan for accommodation.

Office for institutional equity:

brian clapham - director search is underway. Open q/a forums will be held with final four candidates. Opportunity to interrogate regarding disability issues and position on. Meetings will probably be held in September.

Carol recommended that Sue Bade be invited to become a council member.

Joe Minarik will distribute signup sheet for detailing the strategic plan for the council.

IAW Events:

  • Crlt disability in classrooms
  • UMINDS – kuenzel room in union – announcement of disability studies program.
  • SSD q/a session for students
  • Atcs open house – every afternoon of iaw week 1-5
  • Warren is in contact w/ jim abbott; nothing definite yet
  • The Ark – not confirmed
  • Art exhibit in media union lounge
  • Dance marathon – not confirmed
  • Diversibility program w/ ford motor company – sam
  • Richard Harris – FDR performance - $1000 plus travel – sam
  • Depression and Quote Me videos.
  • IAW Poster – no funds available
  • IAW budget - $6500 currently
  • Doug says some funds may be available; joan concurs
  • Anne recommends contacting soas, Jack will

Action Items:

1- place syllabus paragraph on the SSD website – sam

2- contact UAC for speaker funds - joan