CfDC Minutes — September 2, 2009

Attending: Carolyn Grawi; Gerald Hoff; Doug White, Vice Chair; Jack Bernard, Chair; Susan Bourrie; Margaret Hough; Tracy Wright; Tom Bayer; Scott Williams; Lynne Shivers; Anna Ercoli Schnitzer (minutes).

Meeting was called to order by Chair Bernard.

Carolyn distributed posters about Gala Benefit and Open House Event at AACIL. Last year, AACIL raised $25K for education and advocacy and hopes to raise that or more this year. The date is September 11th and the time is 6:30. The address is 3941 Research Park Drive. For more information, please contact Tom Hoatlin at 734 971 0277 ext 18 or write The AACIL website has been updated:

October is Disability Employment Awareness Month.

Carolyn described the collaboration of different ways of making art at AACIL during Investing in Ability Week and also described Sadashi's workshop with clay for the children (whose parents/guardians will be present to assist) at the Graduate Library's Gallery on Oct. 31st. There will also be a display of Sadashi's works in the Hospital. Please see attached schedule for details.

Announcements: New Director of Eastern Michigan's SSD, Adam Meyer, will attend the CfDC meeting next month along with Dr. Findley.

Doug asked when we should send out targeted e-mail to all campus. Consensus was that global mailing should be around October 15th. Representatives of the IAW Committee will send separate global mailing to UMHS.

Suggestion was made to use FaceBook to advertise each event and announce that it is open to the public.

Suggestion was made to contact AA Commission on Disability Issues to disseminate information through their televised meeting.

Suggestion was made to have IAW a featured site on UM Gateway.

Suggestion was made for article in The Record announcing the Neubacher recipient's name as well as IA events.

Suggestion was made to ask Elaine Sims to advertise among her art contacts.

Suggestion was made to ask Ira Lax of AADL to help advertise other events on library's web page.

The posters will be ready soon and there will be an electronic copy available as well.

Nick Wilcox is now the technical trainer for the Library for the Blind at AADL and is available Tuesdays 2-6 and by appointment.

Anna reported that there had been a meeting of the newly formed Financial Committee. (Doug/Gerald/Anna). See minutes below. She suggested that we should be cognizant of the amount of funding, which is wonderful to have but still limited and that we must be aware of ongoing needs. Jack stated that we can make a good purchase with it in educating and alerting campus and community to what we do. We can still apply to other units for their cooperation and collaboration. We will be able to plan better for keynote speaker since we have money in advance now.

Jack requests that we attend as many Investing in Ability events as possible and to bring others—friends, colleagues and relatives.

Doug stated that the money is not yet in the Council's account. The 30K fund has a short code but the 10K fund, which is the one we will be using, still needs a code. Jennifer Wade of OIE will reconcile the account and will receive all the receipts. We need a committee to oversee the spending decisions.

Minutes of Financial Committee held on 9/1/09

Topic: Discussion of our new funding of $15,000/year for the next three years.

We must keep careful track of all expenses, just the way Doug has been doing all along when we were unfunded.

We plan to present Laurita Thomas with an accurate accounting of how we spent the money—e.g., using Investing in Ability events to educate and raise consciousness about disability concerns on Central Campus and UMHS as well as throughout the community at large.

We have to be attentive that we do not spend this money unnecessarily and/or foolishly. The two members present at the meeting did not think that paying for conference expenses would usually be advantageous to the Council itself. Of course, we could consider on a case by case basis.

Perhaps we could also conduct an employee engagement-type of survey among selected individuals to see what needs/outcomes are.

RE: the Neubacher luncheon, if we had some knowledgeable help with logistics, we could open it up to more people (e.g., 50) and thus raise the profile of and attendance at the Neubacher Ceremony.

RE: funds themselves—should be in the care of more than one single individual for both functional and safety purposes. This part of the plan needs to be fleshed out and then, when complete, given to Jack as representing the Finance Committee’s decision.

Objectives of Council:

Jack suggested that for the next meeting we think about what we want Council to achieve now that we have some funding. What can we do for UM, for the community and how we can accomplish our objectives? It was suggested that we still look for matching funds and for free speakers. For example, the film “Life is for the Living” pulled in matching funds from unexpected sources. It was suggested that we conduct a survey in order to create programs relative to needs discovered. Discussion took place about revealing disabilities through a survey on Council website, perhaps anonymously, because there is a vast chasm between those who don’t mind declaring and those who do. It was mentioned that we have to market what we do, e.g., compile the Council accomplishments and disseminate this information.