CfDC Minutes — September 3, 2003


Doug White, Nancy Milligan (first timer), Christine Brown, Warren Clark, Anne Chi, Joe Minarik, Jack Novadoff, Sam Goodin, Els Nieuwenhuijsen, Jim Knox, Wallace Genser, Jennifer Symanas, Carole Dubritsky, Brian Clapham, Mike Elledge, Richard Kerwin, Anna Ercoli Schnitzer (minutes).


Members went around the table and introduced themselves.


Carole opened the meeting with Items Outstanding according to our new Action Plan and reported that there were already 10 nominations for the Certificates of Appreciation, which were culled from the Neubacher list of potential awardees; however, the floor is still open for further nominations from any CfDC members (please send names to Carole at Jim supplied two additional names at the meeting.


We can review the nominations for the Certificates at the next meeting.


Joe commented on Strategic Planning Committee meetings that have taken place and it was decided by consensusthat the resultant document will be further refined and clarified by the smaller group of members present at the meeting at which it is presented in November before it is sent to the whole CfDC mailing list.

IAW Roundup: Brian listed the 10 items that are definitely scheduled. Doug mentioned Housing funding and flyers; Wallace reviewed CRLT programs with Possibility of panel discussion. Brian discussed Neubacher. UMINDS will have a program and faculty members will bring their posters. Jim will have ATCS open house every afternoon at Shapiro. Workshop for students with disabilities sponsored by Ford Motor Co. Carole discussed Art Oasis at Michigan Union. Program with AA Center for Independent Living did not work out. VA open house not pinned down. Depression video should be shown at hospital with panel perhaps. Wally thought that Residence Hall should show it, as well. Warren reported that no response yet re; Jim Abbott. Legal update will be scheduled by Jack. Discussion of flat panel for display at CIC and also Haven/Mason Halls but not networked or coordinated. “Drop dead” deadlines still need to be given out.

Sam Breck’s LINK bus brochures were disseminated.


Discussion of “disability” mailing address and who would field which responses. Jack, Carole, Sam, Brian, Anna on list with Sam as backup for two weeks if nobody else replies. We will keep a log of responses and summarize twice yearly. We can refer inquiries to appropriate sources if we do not know answers (e.g., Mike for website access and Christine for visual queries).

Meeting schedule for 2003-4 to be put on web. We will attempt to shorten meeting time to one hour by tightening it up but keep the noon meeting schedule.


Mike Elledge has a permanent position now. He is focusing on usability--designing websites that are easier to use, accessing UM website accessibility, and helping designers accomplish this objective. Mike will present a slide show about his survey at the next meeting.

Els spoke about emergency evacuation procedures in an attempt to encourage the UM to become proactive. Discussion of access vs egress with model plan to be developed based on Sam’s document along with a synthesis of federal guidelines per Brian. Ohio State had a self-identification plan for emergencies. Empowerment and community issues were discussed in this context. DPS and the Fire Inspector might be involved, according to Jennifer. We will table until the November meeting.

Doug told about the article in the “University Record” with a spotlight on disability as well as his other focus of food allergies.

Christine said that she will be on maternity leave for 12 weeks.

Carole reminded members that the nominations for Certificates of Appreciation should be ready for inclusion and presentation at the next (October) meeting

Respectfully submitted,