CfDC Minutes — September 5, 2012

Attending: Jack Bernard, Chair; Debra Hire; Gerald Hoff; Lisa Clark; Scott Williams; Els Nieusenhuijsen; Daniel Young; Barb Shoffner; Jane Vincent; Lloyd Shelton; Amy Shepherd (Welcome, Amy!); Darlene Nichols; Petra Kuppers (Special Guest) and a friend; Paul Guttman; Sally Petersen; Carolyn Grawi; Tracy Wright; Erin Elly (Welcome, Erin!); Anna Ercoli Schnitzer, Coordinator and Minutes-taker.

Introductions were made.

Special Guest Petra Kuppers, Co-Director of UMInDS, presented a short video of Disability Culture: Research in Motion. She talked about various types of audio descriptions. She also explained the history, status—present & future of UMInDS and the activism/social justice involved. Faculty from various departments are sought (right now most faculty members are from the English Department). During Q & A, she also explained the trajectory of UMInDS and described upcoming events during Investing in Ability Week (these will be on the website), as well as a lecture by a visitor from Japan on Tuesday in Angel Hall. She distinguished between the personally experienced and valued identity of the disability movement and those who are “looking to cure” disability.

Ann Arbor Councilwoman Sally Petersen announced the Ann Arbor Disability Commission’s Meet and Greet (flyer sent out earlier) at the Co-op on September 22nd from 1 pm to 3 pm. She will serve as the liaison between our Council and the AA Commission. She asks that we keep her informed about such issues as parking accessibility and disability-friendly housing. Sally’s email is: timsally at

Carolyn distributed flyers about several CIL events. Those flyers have been sent out earlier.

Anna announced that the Investing in Ability website is up. Numerous events will take place during the week of Oct 22–26th. Stay tuned for more announcements, but meanwhile, the website is:

Jane Vincent provided the following information:

  • The Knox Center is sponsoring a series of drop-in sessions where students, faculty, and staff with disabilities or those who provide accessibility support can get one-on-one assistance with Google accessibility issues. Registration with the SSD office is not required to attend these sessions. If you use a laptop or mobile device, please bring it with you. View the schedule.
  • Thanks to Steve Sarrica and the Campus Computing Sites team, access to three assistive technology programs is now available from any Sites-managed Windows computer on campus. View more information about the assistive technology available.