CfDC Meeting Minutes — September 7, 2005


Jack Bernard, Chair; Douglas K. White, Vice Chair; Daniel Heumann; > Jayne London; Sue Bade; Barb Chaffer Authier; Cathy Frank; Carole Dubritsky; > Anna Ercoli Schnitzer (minutes). Introductions were made.


Anna described 72-minute video from Film & Video Library, entitled "Physicians with Disabilities" in case anyone wants to promote it within the UMHS. Jayne was asked about the new Rackham Dean and whether she should be introduced to the CfDC at a later date. Carole reiterated that the blueprints for the Ross Business School are available for viewing in her office. Contact Carole if you are interested: Another topic brought up was adding to the list of Council members for the Construction Committee with thought being given to someone who might want to eventually take charge. Sue spoke of the new campus/UMHS initiative called Wellness for Life involving ongoing fitness for faculty/staff. This group is looking for a Council representative to attend a monthly meeting on an ongoing basis to contribute ideas. Sue is the ergonomics contact.


Cathy discussed David Gater and the framework for his talk--connecting health providers with ethical issues involving stem cells and ways to put this into practical terms. Danny suggested adding researcher Sean Morrison to the schedule. Danny also mentioned the existence of a campus-wide group of students interested in stem cell research. Jack spoke about Vic Rosenberg/Jim Knox's idea of asking Jane Berliss to speak, perhaps in a video conference, a bit earlier than IAW. Jack requested that Doug/Anna ask Tara of the Michigan Theater whether a series of disability films could be run in October as an annual commitment to the community. Also, "Murderball" should be a captioned version. The poster for IAW was discussed. It could be 11 by 17 inches so that it can be sent by mail and posted. Doug said that Housing could provide a graphic artist and perhaps inhouse printing. There will be a global e-mailing by Matt Snyder as well as print mailing (some 2500 copies were produced last year). Sign language interpreters were discussed by Barb. They will be provided as needed and requested and also for the speeches, panel, Neubacher and maybe for the CRLT players. Jack will introduce Tony Coehlo. No commitment from President Coleman yet to present the Neubacher Award, but if she cannot make it, our backups will be: Coach Red Berenson and then Lloyd Carr. Carole mentioned displaying the posters around campus with possibility of redesign of poster for next year. All final information should be sent to Doug ( by the end of next week so that he can complete the schedule and pass it along to the next step.


Our next meeting will be held on October 5th. Danny requested that the first item to be discussed should be the proposed letter to local businessmen.