CfDC Minutes—September 13, 2006

Present: Jack Bernard, Chair; Doug White, Vice-Chair; Gerald Hoff; Paul Guttman; Carole Dubritsky; Liz Wilson; Jim Knox; Liz O'Dell; Els N; Anna Ercoli Schnitzer (minutes).

Jack opened the meeting with introductions and praise for the new Gerald Ford School of Public Policy building, Wylie Hall, which has good lighting, wide halls, 2 large elevators, lots of exits, lots of sockets, tiered classrooms with entrances from both sides--good examples of accessibility. One suggestion is that perhaps one desk in each classroom should be a mobile one.

Carole spoke about the various construction project updates (see today's Agenda) and remarked that any questions about construction could be addressed to her (; she also said that the work ebbs and flows with busy time in the spring and that for the hospital project, UMHS will provide assistance as necessary.

Both Doug and Carole spoke about emergency evacuation procedures from the standpoints of housing and of classrooms. It was noted that from a cell phone, one must dial the special number for the UM DPS (763-1131); otherwise the AAPD is reached. Ian Steinman, the fire marshall, is the contact for emergency evacuation procedures.

Paul mentioned the weather emergency in the Stadium last Saturday, which did not work out well with ushers needing further training, since exits were blocked rather than being cleared. Also, attention must be given to those with mobility challenges and elevators to be used ONLY for them.

Doug went over the new Investing in Ability schedule item by item.

Liz asked about subtitles for films, i.e., whether they all had subtitles.

Anna announced that there is a new web site for those with facial differences and that the School of Dentistry will host it at a celebratory event on October 27th, so we can include it in our schedule.

Doug said that the new schedule will be put on web site by Liz, our new web master.

We shall send publicity to deans, directors and department heard or campus-wide with link to color poster; we shall produce fewer print posters and determine who will receive them so that they will not be wasted.

Publicity issues were discussed.

Funding was discussed (Rackham and Palmer Commons rooms are gratis--with former's fee being waived by Rackham).

Flight costs have yet to be determined for Monty and Dennis, but we have committed $8,000 to our events at this point, yet seem to be doing all right with the funding.

NEUBACHER Award Ceremony on October 27th, starting with light refreshments at 9:30 am: For Neubacher Award Ceremony, the President will be out of town, so Jack will be asking some other UM official to present the award. Jack announced that we should all attend the Neubacher Ceremony!!!

Anna will contact the secretary to the Deans of the School of Music to ask that they be invited to the Ceremony.

We could need their portable electric piano for Elke's song. Jim will ask Fred Moss if he could accompany her on clarinet or piano.

Liz will provide sign language interpreter at Ceremony.

If any CfDC member can serve as chauffeur or be otherwise of assistance for the occasion, please let us know.

Gerald discussed the Wheelchair Basketball Game.

Els suggested that we have posters in large print in the atrium of Angel Hall. It was also suggested that Aging with Disabilities have captions on screen.