CfDC Minutes — October 1, 2003


Doug White, Joan E. Smith, Sam Goodin, Warren Clark, Els Nieuwenhuijsen, Sue Bade (new), Sam Breck, Joe Minarik, Stuart Segal, Vic Rosenberg, Jim Knox, Shelly Kovacs, Jayne London, Donney Moroney (new), Jack Bernard, Carole Dubritsky, Brian Clapham, Mike Elledge, Jim Knox, Nancy Milligan (guest EMU), Anna Ercoli Schnitzer (minutes).

Chair Jack Bernard led the introduction of the CfDC members and all then gave their names and affiliations.


A. Action item: Carole read list of nominees for certificates of appreciation, 10 to be given at the Neubacher Awards. Michelle will print up certificates. Jack reminded members to be present at events (and to bring a friend.)

B. Action item: Web accessibility: Deferred at first until Mike was present and then Mike gave talk on results of webmaster survey (end of meeting).

C. Action item: Posting CfDC meeting times on web--deferred until Nov.

D. Action item: Syllabus language--deferred until Nov.

E. Action item: IAW Events Publicity. Discussion about media used, targetted audiences for events, likely groups of faculty/staff, students, academic disciplines. Adam S. Miller Fund paid room fees (thank you, Joni!) and Housing funded FDR event (thank you, Doug!). No banners this year. Sam B will announce later Oct. events on public cable. Sam G sent to CIC and students with disabilities list. Shelly suggested 3-D list, as well. Jim mentioned CIC flat panel in Union for Mike's courses; they require registration because of room/computer space restrictions. General announcement to be makde day before to faculty/GSI re: CRLT. Panel discussion by Jack, Sam, Dan will be open forum (gripe session possibly?) about legality, accommodations; law students and student affairs people should be targetted. For Neubacher Award Ceremony, deans, chairs of departments should be informed about their people winning certificates. President Coleman still scheduled to present. Els said that there are 110 people on UMinDS list. Sam will target career development people. Jayne suggested Tom Lehker. Shelly suggested ONSP list (academic unit planners).

Members to email Doug White if any ideas about other groups to target for the FDR presentation by Richard Harris--in addition to poli sci groups, post-polio groups.


Jack B, Jack N. and Brian will meet on Nov 16th with FUN group (Facilities Managers) to give them specific ways to support people with disabilities. Carole pointed out that the Strategic Plan to be presented in Nov. will incorporate some of these. We should also have a point of access gateway and a means for people to present their issues with facilities. Sam stressed that the complainant was often left off the final email list and never heard results of complaint. Joe mentioned that spirit of law should be adhered to. Problems during construction were brought up. Shelly suggested more careful tracking of communication. Jack said that until 3 years ago, there used to be a database of accommodations.


Mike E. presented the survey of UM web designers, which was accessed by 140 individuals, 90 of whom completed the survey that dealt with awareness, techniques, and whether any help was needed. 66 people asked for follow-up. Three levels of ability were noted among the webmasters.