CfDC Minutes — October 3, 2007

Present: Jack Bernard, Chair; Doug White, Vice Chair; Carolyn Grawi; Sue Smart; Lynne Shivers; Jim Knox; Sam Goodin; Joe Lentini; Darlys Vander Beek; Carole Dubritsky; Els Nieuwenhuijsen; Tracy Wright; Paul Guttmann; Anna Ercoli Schnitzer (minutes).

Meeting was called to order and introductions made.


Carole announced that she has been working with CIC manager Jennifer McGowan, who has been very helpful in putting together accessible building finders.

Els and Dar mentioned that the City of Ann Arbor is progressing with its own web site listing disability resources and that we should check it out to give our feedback. There will be a link from UM disability resources to the city resource finder.

Investing in Ability Report:

Keynote speaker cancelled but we have plans for next year and have reserved the Michigan Theater's large auditorium already.

The web site pdf has been sent to all and can be printed out (color or black/white) and posted. There is a donation button on the UMHS web site ( Check it out.

It was suggested that the disability challenge might also include learning disability (get a speech pathologist, perhaps?).

Sam reported mailing the pdf of the web site to 300 members concerned with social justice and also to a student mailing list.

Targeted mailing to all UM will go out on Monday, October 15th.

It was suggested that we have lots of copies of the IA schedule to hand out at the Dogs...Dogs event (in 4 locations) on Friday, Oct. 19th.

Carole will send out a pdf of the mental illness panel poster. She spoke of Laura Kohn-Wood who will talk about mental illness as shown in the media and thus stigmatized; also, race/age/ethnicity-associated stigmatization of mental illness.

Discussion of phenomenally well-attended ADHD lecture (we will get Stu Segall's mail list secrets).

Discussion of room sizes for various events and whether rooms are large enough to hold audiences expected.

Carolyn talked about Eli Claire's lecture at School of Social Work and recommended that people get there early.

We should have a sign indicating the cancellation of the keynote at the places where it was to be presented.

Question of whether CTN (local tv) would be filming Neubacher. Anyone trained to use equipment can borrow it. Discussion about funding someone for next year--Film School--to learn how to use it).

Discussion of accessible workstations (Mott-bots) at Mott Children's Hospital which will also be available to be taken home. Joe Kryza of UMHS Infrastructure Systems Operations promised to have accessibility in every RFP considered by the hospital. Discussion of whether hospital rooms are accessible and discussion of equipment (tables that do not lower, lack of bars). Discussion of "small cranes" for lifting; retrofitting very costly.

Els mentioned that NOD has city indicators toward most accessible cities in U.S. She gave talk at Dental School and received feedback from 14 people. One suggestion was to interview top administrators at UM to see whether they understand the issue of disability.

Sam reported on a visit by Yahoo folks who want to recruit students with disabilities and want to be permanently affiliated with UM.

Carolyn discussed the new huge CSTA translational grant to UMHS to be used partly for community outreach in Flint, Detroit and Ypsilanti--Hispanic, African-American, and CIL.

Carolyn reminded the CfDC tht Tobin Siebers is talking on Oct 9th at 4 at the Alumni Center on sexuality and disability.

Jack concluded the meeting by describing the Stadium discussion that was quite lively and that he felt that disability was being hypocritically used as an excuse to protest the skyboxes. He wants us to discuss whether he should continue to chair our Council, since he may be considered by some to have a conflict of interest in his double (or triple) roles. Discussion of this was tabled until next meeting since the hour was up.