CfDC Minutes — October 3, 2012

Attending: Jack Bernard, Chair; Jane Vincent; Barb Shoffner; Mary Reilly; Scott Williams; Carole Dubritsky; Amy Shepherd; Carolyn Grawi; Erin Elly; Melanie Nau; Jill A. Rice; Randi Johnson; Stuart S Segal; Chrita Moran; Darlene Ray-Johnson; Lan Voba; Darlene Nichols; Joan E. Smith; Leslie H. Kamil; Peggy Page; Nyshourn Price; Rhianon Gutierrez; Anna Ercoli Schnitzer (minutes).

Introductions were made around the table.


Carole reported that the registration for the 7th Annual Symposium on Mental Health was closed since 330 people had registered and the capacity of the at Palmer was 340; however the program will be available in video format later.

Carolyn dispersed flyers about CIL events (Gala Annual Benefit on November 2nd) and AA CIL Disability Awareness Week (Oct 15th-19th). See the Ann Arbor Center for Independent Living website for further information.

Els’s message was relayed about Age Friendly Disability Discussion sponsored by the Gray Panthers on Nov. 3rd at 10 am at Turner Resouce Center on Plymouth Rd.

Stuart welcomed Mary back and mentioned the SSD Presentation on ADHD by Sari Solden on October 26th at noon in Rackham Auditorium. For more information please write: <geri at>

Jack mentioned Anna’s award from the Friends of the National Library of Medicine for a U.S. librarian serving the underserved.

Anna called for volunteers for the evening presentations at the Duderstadt and Jack, Melanie, and Erin will do the honors of introducing the speakers on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Thank you very much for volunteering! Please, everybody, show up for our events! They will be worth attending! Thanks!

Google Apps migration date of Oct 1st has been delayed for those with disabilities. Discussion ensued about thinking about accessibility early in the process; Jack mentioned a very articulate presentation about such accessibility to the Regents by a GEO representative.


Stuart Segal led the discussion about AHEAD--the Association on Higher Education and Disability, explaining the changes toward becoming more consumer friendly and comparing it to ETS (which is in charge of SAT and GRE). UM’s SSD has its own guidelines for documentation. He passed out a handout on the guidelines on supporting accommodation requests per AHEAD, which were then discussed by several people. Stuart also explained about the Certificate of Eligibility and the cost of being tested, as well as the importance of framing the need for “transitional services” by parents of high school students. It will soon be the case that documentation cannot be so burdensome, he said.

An item of possible interest is circulated by Anna: The new issue of “Findings,” a publication of the National Institute of General Medical Sciences, features a lead article on improving access to science for people with disabilities.