CfDC Minutes — October 4, 2006

Attending: Lynne Shivers, Jennifer Nordstrom, Martha Reck, Gerald P. Hoff, Karen Wanza, Darlys Vander Beek, Jack Bernard, Chair, Carole Dubritsky, Joan E. Smith, Sarah Watkins, Joe Lentini, Doug White, Vice-Chair, Tracy TenEyck, Kyle Killebrew, Anna E. Schnitzer (minutes).

Jack, the Council Chair, called meeting to order and introductions were made.


Sarah will send UMiNDS event announcement around for those who did not receive it.

Joni mentioned that Carey is on cover of CIL using iBot.

Jack described how syllabus language passed the Faculty Senate vote (originally having passed SACUA by 100%. He made a few impromptu alterations and now will take it to the APG (deans who meet with provost). This is a "great victory" for bringing individuals forward earlier for classroom instruction accommodations.

Doug introduced our two representatives from Dance Marathon.

Tracy mentioned Pediatric Ability Day on November 12th from 1 to 4; announcements will be sent and we will help publicize DM events.

Jack asked about Soar, the new system of student group organizations.

Neubacher Award Committee:

Anna mentioned that there are 15 Certificates of Appreciation this year and that the ceremony will be chockfull. Discussion about accessibility of Forum Hall. Next year, we hope for a more accessible, friendlier room in the Michigan League, so that chairs can be moved around.

Investing in Ability Events:

Jack stated that we should all attend as many events as possible and bring one other person.

Sarah will contact Michigan Daily re; publicity for Investing in Ability Week. Doug has sent material to University Record. Doug will send targeted e-mail next week with link to our web site and also a pdf of poster.

We will send notification of each day's events as they are about to occur. There will be brochures for other events at each events if possible.

Gerald said that the calendar is already so popular that KMS has a lottery for people who want to attend events.

Joni discussed the Adam Miller fund/endowment and will announce several scholarships at the Neubacher Ceremony. There are some grants for those with physical disabilities; discussion ensued about physical versus mental disabilities.

Carole said that the depression event will be nonclinical, focussing on removing stigmas from such problems; there will be an evaluation at the end of the program.

Jack said that next year we should think of having busses at keypoints for ease of transportation for all.

Sarah brought up the need for more students on Council. She also said that there should be resources available even for those students who do not want to self identify and that there should be more places for assistance in addition to the SSD.

For Rackham Orientation, Lynne will contact Carole to share information with new students/new faculty.