CfDC Minutes — October 5, 2005

Members Present

Cathy Frank, Sue Bade, Sam Breck, Danny Heumann, Yvonne Goddard, Jack Novodoff, Barb Chaffer Authier, Doug White (Presiding), Becky Rohre, Sarah Watkins, Donney Moroney, Paul Guttmann, Anna Ercoli Schnitzer (Minutes). Meeting Notes

Doug called meeting to order and read aloud Joan E. Smith's tribute in memory of Ed Loyer.

Letter to Ann Arbor Merchants

Discussion of proposed letter to Ann Arbor merchants about accessibility to stores: various opinions and ideas were aired, including networking with AA City Disability Group, Center for Independent Living, Merchants Associations. Contacts at CIL are Jim Magyar and Carolyn Crowley. Other Council members thought Council should focus on campus issues or on goals set out in strategic plan. Individual contacts with merchants and involvement with other groups to improve accessibility is encouraged but not as official Council representatives. Historical accuracy versus public safety issues.

On-Campus Accessibility

Discussion of our own on-campus inaccessibility, e.g., power doors lacking or mislabeled. Mary Krasny is the contact for installation of new power doors, Plant Dept. for repair of old ones. Discussion of problems with accessibility at Modern Language Building and at new Palmer Commons. We will continue to seek solutions on these matters. Investing in Ability

Discussion of Investing in Abilities' poster events and tying up loose ends for IAW. 2200 posters mailed out to campus deans, department heads, directors. Doug described article to be published in University Record. Poster will be scanned into our web site. Sarah told us that "Murderball" has a captioned version (Anna to contact Tara of Michigan Theater). Barb announced that signing will be available for all except events that require registration (available upon request for those events). Neubacher program all set, Donney reported. It was suggested that we distribute posters to EMU, WCC, Concordia, and the high schools.


Danny spoke about sight-line for special seating in Stadium renovations. He had spoken to Mike Harris. Danny also spoke about new research planned at UM on stem cells and cloning. Stay tuned. Jane Berliss will be on campus on Oct. 13th to give lecture and to consult on North Quad, new dorm that will be built on State Street. Doug will send Carole's announcement about this event again. Paul described renovation of rest rooms in Fleming first floor with one made into unisex, allowing another to become an accessible rest room