CfDC Minutes — October 6, 2004

In attendance: Anne Chi, Steve Sarrica (ITCS Computing Sites), Sam Breck, Jack Novodoff, Sam Goodin, Mike Duvendeck, Wallace Genser, Sarah Watkins, Jim Knox, Doug White, Barb Chaffer Authier, Mike Elledge Jack Bernard, Anna Ercoli Schnitzer (minutes).

Jack welcomed the members and introductions were performed. Jack highlighted the Investing in Ability events, emphasizing that they would be interesting and that we should attend as many as we could and bring a friend along.

Posters were distributed and an announcement was made that Carole needs help in stuffing envelopes with posters, so if you have a spare hour, please contact her (

Jack discussed accessibility of UM web sites, mentioning that the UM Gateway acknowledges the disability site, which is www3c conforming, and he stated that the executive officers, the academic units, the admissions web pages, and other most often visited sites should be accessible, as well as course tools and Mirlyn.

Please send Mike Elledge any other high priority sites that should offer easy accessibility (

It was mentioned that the new Mirlyn is not very user-friendly and that the AATA site is not very accessible, either.

Mike will be offering IA classes in web accessibility.

The ATCS site will be open and CfDC members are urged to bring someone new to the ATCS site.

The film "Liebe Perla" will be shown at the Michigan Theatre on Thursday, Oct 28th, and Sarah is working on publicizing this wonderful film, whose documentarian will also be present at the showing; in addition, there will be two panel members.

There will be a career workshop for students with disabilities also on Thursday.

On Friday, the 29th, the Neubacher Award Ceremony will be held, and CfDC members are strongly urged to attend (and bring a friend). Brian Clapham will be invited.

We will try to place a piece in the "Michigan Daily" about the student-run theatre group "Talk to Us" (not CRLT).

Dance Marathon will be incorporated into our publicity.

Sign interpreters will be available for the film and for the ceremony and by request for other events.

Jack said that UMinDS will be getting 2 rooms of office space in Angell Hall (?).

Jack is taking an online course in mental disability law, and his CD's/text of the course will be available to anybody interested--after he has completed the course.

Mike Elledge provided a presentation on a JAWS screen reader using the CfDC site (3/4 of all screen readers are JAWS).

Contact Carole ( if you can help contact colleagues of winners of Certificates of Appreciation. (Anna and Sam volunteered)

Jack stated that he was disappointed that disability had not been mentioned in the political debates (except for topics on health care and AIDS).

Sam Breck told us that he was going to get either Chris White or Brian Klaus from AATA to come speak to us about the new free ride on city busses and to answer any questions we might have about this issue. AATA will be adding new routes in response to the increased UM ridership (busses 3,4,5,6). The A-RIDE GUIDE will have an audiotaped version. Parking structures are being freed up a little, Park & Ride lots are filling up, and extra busses are being added during prime commute times. Sam says: Just be sure not to enter by the back bus door and show your M-card.