CfDC Minutes — October 6, 2010

Attending: Jack Bernard, Chair; Doug White, Vice Chair; Tony Derezinski, Special Guest; Karen Dickinson; Ryan Christman; Josie Parker; Susan Bourrie; Sue Bade; Erta Gershow; Marc Lerner; Phil Larson; Ellen Stross; Tom Bayer; Pam Baker Trostle; Sally Haines; Rene Echolss; Paul Guttman; Shana Mote; Diane Achatz; Terry Soave; Carol Tucker; Dan Marcin; Patrick O’Mahen; Megan Rotar; Lily Au; Anna Ercoli Schnitzer (minutes). A special welcome to the new Council participants; please come back again.

  • Jack called the meeting to order and introductions were made around the table
  • Brief description of Investing in Ability—multiple flyers are available. Website: (easy to use URL’s from UM now more available than in past) Please attend and bring a friend (Jack)
  • Jack extended thanks to AADL for inviting Council to use 4th floor Conference Room today, mentioning previous visit with Jane Berliss to Adaptive Technology Room, now that LBPD is part of AADL; AADL flyers available for upcoming projects involving disabilities.
  • Sue described new Resource Guide for UM faculty/staff/supervisors that may/may not be related to medical issues re: job jeopardy with safe disclosure and whom to ask for help; addressing issues earlier; can also contact Michigan Rehabilitation Services without disclosing to UM; out of Occupational Health Services (formerly HealthWorks); working with Human Resources to develop links; Guide will be linked to Disability site, ADA page, Council site, Tom Bayer’s website, SSD site, M-Library sites. Flyers (hard copy) available as well as online link. Sue wrote separate email after meeting:
    “Hi all, here is the link to the online version of the printable Success at Work Resource Guide (PDF), distributed at the meeting today. Please feel free to work with your department web master and request that they link to it on your department's website. It is a two-page document, so if printed, consider 2-sided. I appreciate the helpful feedback today and please continue to send suggestions that will enhance it. Thanks, Sue”
  • Anna read Emily Campbell’s letter about progress sensitizing medical students and certain staff members. Emily is seeking further input and, specifically, about move to new Mott Hospital. Jack said that there should be a sense of whether a family is expecting their child to be born with a disability; disability is more than a medical issue; staff should be trained how to work with parents. Pam suggested establishing a trust fund early for a child with a disability.
  • Councilman Tony Derezinski (2nd Ward) gave a short history of his own interest in disability issues. He and Els are working on a project to sensitize community members re: local cultural events, mobility challenges, accessibility, mental health issues, accommodations. There will soon be a working session with a presentation at City Council (date to be announced). Tony willing to meet and receive suggestions about getting the message out. Jack mentioned problems with snow removal affecting those with disabilities, especially at intersections; Tony will bring this up (cutbacks with 25% fewer employees); problems with City website not being accessible (Renee); 1 person should have primary duty for providing accessibility and responding to public; problem with City Guide not being in accessible format (Susan); ADA compliance needed for websites. AA Fire Dept outstanding, helpful for people with disabilities; regional would not be as helpful (Pam). AA sets standards for country with AATA, health care, social services, etc. Plea not to change. Link bus service cancellation upset people with disabilities (Renee); business owners could be sensitized and educated re: accommodating individuals with disabilities.
  • Suggestion (by Tony) to invite Michael Ford Director of AATA to a Council meeting (Anna will invite).
  • Marc Lerner presented his thoughts on ways to combat PTSD: “Be in the moment.” Developing self image, self trust, dealing with the negative, looking within and taking an active role, being a partner with one’s physician, reconnecting with inner resources for better quality of life. Traumatic situations can intensify inner reality. Marc and Josie did a brief exercise to illustrate the technique of thinking to a positive (versus a negative) self image. Marc’s book is called “A Healthy Way to Be Sick.” There will be a teleseminar on 10/21 from 2–3:30 that everyone can join.
  • Lily alerted Council to issues with non-profit coordinated funding and suggested that people check: searching for article “coordinated funding.”
  • Tom mentioned that the library entryway is still an issue that has not disappeared.
  • The meeting was adjourned shortly after 1 pm.

Note by minutes-taker: Please attend as many of the great Investing in Ability events as you can. As you know, this year’s theme is honoring ALL our veterans, both with and without disabilities. For updates and details, please check the website: