CfDC Minutes — November 1, 2006

Present: Gerald Hoff, Joe Lentini, Angie Burgos (welcome, Angie!), Els Nieuwenhuijsen, Carolyn Grawi, Sudan Bourrie (welcome, Susan!) , Martha Reck, Ilana Mark (welcome, Ilana!), Jill A. Rice (welcome, Jill!), Doug K. White, Vice Chair, Jack Bernard, Chair, Carole Dubritsky, Mary Vigilanti, Sam Goodin, Samir Karim, Paul Guttman, Lynne Shivers, Anna Ercoli Schnitzer (minutes).

Introductions were made.

Investing in Ability Week was reviewed; stats about attendance at various events (Jack mentioned patterns of participation due to conflicts of events and timing of them). The Provost and Laurita Thomas both stayed for the Neubacher Ceremony and for lunch, which was gratifying.

Jack stated that CfDC members should support these events in greater numbers. The Wheelchair Basketball Game was outstanding--former UM athletes played the Thunderbirds. There was a color guard and the Michigan Dance Team; plus Gerald will bring in extra shirts to sell (all profits go to charity).

Anna passed around "University Record" with Monty Reed's photos with his walking suit.

We are already working on next year's location. We may have to juggle dates and take a weekday other than Friday to be sure to have a completely accessible venue, since many good locations are already booked for next October.

Els asked whether the PowerPoint presentations of her Aging with Disability speakers would be put on our web site.

Carolyn mentioned that recording of Bullying in the Workplace will be used by Leadership at all Levels.

The Depression in the Workplace was not recorded.

CTN filmed the Thunderbirds Tip-off Basketball game.

The AA Observer got some facts about our events wrong and jammed everything at the beginning, rather than giving a day by day event account. Maybe a personal visit to their office next year would be helpful?

Since the video was not run at this meeting, we had time to discuss the proposed ICF and UN definitions of disability, which appeared in "The Lancet." Definitions are useful for data collection, uniform terminology and classification.

The Council has full and effective participation as its mission and the goal of a supportive environment for all.

Discussion of hidden disabilities, chronic conditions, social stigma attached to these; also discussion of temporary impairments.

Els reported that 50% of Americans have chronic conditions and 2/3 of elderly do. She learned this at a presentation at the School of Public Health recently.

Anna passed around the magnet discussed at a previous meeting for possibility of having correct number for people who need to phone DPS on a cell phone in an emergency.

Carole announced that there will be the Depression Center's Open House on November 12 from 1 to 4 at East Ann Arbor Health Center on Plymouth Road. Discussion ensued about transportation. Samir reported that there is an InterHospital bus and Carolyn said the patients going to the Geriatric Center have their way paid by UM.

Carole mentioned the Silent Auction on November 11th at Union Hall on Jackson Road.

Tracy had written us about Pediatric Ability Day, a fine event that will be held on Sunday, November 12th from 1 until 2:30 at the Michigan Union's University Club. Luncheon will be served at 1 pm. RSVP by Friday to

Doug discussed the Neubacher Ceremony and where we could hold it next year, maybe as a Kick-Off event for the IAW? Possible locations are the League, the Union, and Alumni Hall.

Jack announced the Edward C. Loyer Scholarship, which will go to one student with disabilities every year and will pay the complete cost of his/her tuition throughout his/her time at UM. Funding is in place for this, and the scholarship will be offered to students after they are admitted. Financial need is a criterion.

The National Federation for the Blind is working with Google to have the digitized archives available to people who are visually impaired or have mobility impairments, and UM Libraries will be the first to have this available.

Susan related an interview with Zoey Brown declaring UM's new web site for employment opportunities to be just about inaccessible to people with visual impairments.