CfDC Minutes — November 2, 2011

Attending: Jack Bernard, Chair; Anna Ercoli Schnitzer, Coordinator and Scribe, J. Silva Goncalves, Lisa Clark (welcome, Lisa!), Anna Clements, Adena Rottenstein, Jane Vincent, Carolyn Grawi, Edward Timke (welcome, Ed!); Scott Williams; Patricia Anderson; Randi Johnson; Carole Dubritsky; Tracy Wright; Bob Meyer; Shauna Mote (welcome, Shauna!); Monique Kulick, Melanie Nau (welcome, Melanie!), Stuart Segal.

Introductions were made around the table.


Investing in Ability went extremely well this year with a good turnout at nearly all events.

Anna congratulated Adena on the wonderful IA turnout at the Thursday evening event of the Disability Allies (both in the number of artworks and in number of interested participants). See Adena’s website.

Jack and Anna agreed that they thought the four hours of “Maximizing Your Ability in the Workplace” would never attract an audience, but it did—50 people. And the feedback was very positive for all three speakers.

Jane and Anna invited others to join them in making a presentation in Philadelphia in June on the Council as a model for other universities. The deadline to apply is November 15th.


Shauna Mote, who leads the Orthotics & Prosthetics’s (O&P) Amputee Support Group, spoke to us about some of the things she does in her position, including consulting for the Chelsea Public Library and Metro Airport as far as accessibility for wheelchair users is concerned with eventual broadening to the whole spectrum of individuals with disabilities; educating about amputees; connecting amputees in meet programs and facilitating support relationships; networking; conducting meetings for both new and long-time folks with amputations. Next year will be O&P’s 100th anniversary, she said.

Adena Rottenstein described her research on exploring attitudes to disability using examples of upper arm extremity amputees—whether the reaction is pity/disgust/terror and how the reaction is determined.

Jane Vincent, told the story of an amputee with a prosthetic arm intended specifically for computer use, but then was shown “sticky keys” and could dispense with the arm. Jane is a consultant in adaptive technology, newly arrived in Ann Arbor from Berkeley CA. Jane also provided the members with the following information and described GPII, an assistive technology data system stored on the cloud with much potential for personal preferences and which can be kept confidential by using a generic sign-in.

The next meeting of the Council for Disability Concerns will take place on December 7th when Els Niewenhuisjen will discuss updates on WHO/ICF information.

Since Anna Ercoli Schnitzer will be away for the December 7th meeting, a volunteer scribe to take the minutes is sought.