CfDC Minutes — November 3, 2004

Attending: Wally G., Vic R., Sam B., Sam G., Christine B., Els N., Anne C., Anna S. (minutes).

With Sam Goodin as Chair in the absence of Carole and Jack, introductions were made to guest Janene Sobotka, Educational Chair of Dance Marathon.

Janene gave history/purpose of Dance Marathon, mentioning that it was only its 8th year of existence and last year it had raised $1/4 million for physical/psychological rehabilitation of children at Beaumont and Mott Hospitals. The group raises money all year long and then celebrates with a 30 hour dance marathon on March 20-21 held at the Indoor Track and Field Building.

Janene invited all to Pediatric Ability Day on November 14th (you all received e-mail invitations as well) at 1 pm at the Michigan Union. Families and children affected by the Dance Marathon fund raising will attend and their achievements shown. Lunch will be served. She does request RSVP's if you plan to attend. ***PLEASE RSVP- by Wednesday Nov 10th

QUESTIONS? email or call (734) 649-2843

The CfDC members discussed/edited the wording and looks of the new, about-to-be produced ADA booklet and gave Sam suggestions to be subsequently delivered to Carole.

The Neubacher Awards Ceremony was discussed briefly. Although it was very well organized this year, in the future serious attempts will be made to avoid scheduling conflicts with the UMInDS seminar so that those participants can attend. It was noted that there was also a scheduling conflict with the "Liebe Perla" film.

The topic of the Investing in Ability poster was raised -- whether we should revisit changing the design in the future. Topic was temporarily tabled.

This brief meeting was adjourned at 12:40 pm.