CfDC Minutes — November 4, 2009

Attending: Doug White, Chair, Jill Rice, Scott William, Carole Dubritsky, Sue Bade, Mary Reilly, Kay Mutchler, Gerald Hoff, Eleanor Chang, Susan Bourrie, LuAnne Bullington, Diane Achatz, Martha Reck, Anna Cisler, Brittney Dye, Paul Gutmtman, Christa Moran, Tonye Burutolu, Carolyn Grawi, Anna Ercoli Schnitzer (minutes).

Doug White served as Chair in Jack Bernard’s absence.

After introductions all around, the Paws with a Cause representatives (Becky Canale, Ginny Sielert, and Diane Barrett ,with her foster pup Gyro, came to the meeting) gave us quite a lengthy, excellent demonstration of what Dart could do to assist individuals with specific disabilities.

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Sue Bade suggested that the Council think about and discuss actions and processes to inform UM community members about what to do if they incur a disability or disease that is impairing their work or that is progressive and will do so in the future. We will discuss at the next IAW and perhaps the next Council meeting, as well.