CfDC Minutes — November 5, 2003


Jack Novodoff, Sam Goodin, Nancy Milligan, Sue Bade, Anne Chi, Jim Knox, Wallace Genser, Warren Clark, Carole Dubritsky, Els Nieuwenhuijsen, Joe Minarik, Carey Larabee (new member), Sarah Watkins (new member), Shelly Kovacs, Sam Breck, Jeff Kominsky (new member), Mike Elledge, Brain Clapham, Anna Ercoli Schnitzer (minutes).

I. Carole brought the meeting to order and welcomed new members after introductions of both new and old members.

II. Jack N. discussed being the facilitator of the FUN (Facility Users Network) meeting two weeks from tomorrow, which he hopes will be both a learning experience for the facility managers and a mechanism to establish a process to gain leadership support to ease changes toward greater accessibility on campus.

****Council members are encouraged to email Jack ( or Brian ( with suggestions for prioritizing "Top 10 Projects" to be discussed at the FUN meeting. Mary Krasny who is in charge of funds ($1 million) for facility projects will be invited to Council meeting in December. She has asked for a committee of 5 or 6 members to help her set priorities.

****Council members are encouraged to contact Jack ( to volunteer (e.g., Mike Myatt, are you there?) to volunteer for the FUN committee to set these accessibility priorities.

Joe mentioned adhering to the spirit rather than the letter of the accessibility code, i.e., elevated standards. Sam mentioned that things do get done, although it takes some time. Jack N. corroborated with examples. Officials are reactive, not proactive.Discussion of a mechanism to give input re: accessibility issues around campus, e.g., link off gateway?

III. Brian discussed inviting Anthony Walesby, the new Senior Director for Institutional Equity, to a Council meeting in February, and discussing with him the key issues to help us move our strategic plan forward.

IV. Joe presented the outline for the strategic plan, giving the major core problems, the audience targeted for educational awareness and methods of mobilizing resources: e.g., limited visibility and consistent interpretation of core problems throughout UM. He thinks the plan will be disseminated to the Council by December (Vic will help edit), changes or modifications will be made by January, and then we will begin to "live the plan." Carole thanked Joe for focus and synthesis and hard work that went in the plan.

V. Sam's update on student concerns/services will be postponed until the December meeting since time was too short.

VI. Jennifer Symmans emailed Brian that she has invited Dwayne Lee of Public Safety to discuss evacuation procedures--in December. Els mentioned that she could invite Les Misher of the Hospital Safety unit to attend this meeting, too, since he is working on revising the Emergency Evacuation Plan. Els also discussed the National Organization for Disabilities' emergency plan initiative.

VII. Sue discussed the web map for the health system and campus. She will contact Marketing and Communication for the name of an individual to come to meeting to discuss the maps and then a link to an accessibility map.

VIII. Anna passed around Joan's photos of the Neubacher Award ceremony and the flyers for Dr. Zazove (

IX. Mike suggested that we recap Investing in Abilities, saying what went well and what didn't.

****Members are encouraged to submit their thoughts to Carole by email ( before they forget, and Carole will summarize.

X. Brian's last official meeting (before retiring) will be in December. :-(