CfDC Minutes — November 7, 2012

The Cube in Fleming Plaza decorated to become a lovely blue package decorated with maize ribbons and bow

Present: Anna Ercoli Schnitzer (Chairing in Jack Bernard's absence); Gerald Hoff; Debbie Hire; Erin Elly; Jill Rice; Carolyn Grawi; Sue Bade; Jane Vincent; Paul Guttman; Margaret Hough; Scott Williams; Martika Allen--welcome!; Margaret Goebel--welcome!: Melanie Nau; Jennifer Wade--welcome!; Carol Dubritsky; Christa Moran; Rosemary Ziemba; Randi Johnson; Heidi Koester; Daniel Young; Amy Shepherd; Lloyd Shelton; Sally Peterson; Els; Phil Larson.

Introductions were made and more chairs were brought in for additional members attending the meeting.

Presentation: Sue Bade gave the Council members a presentation based on what she does with ergonomics and on what the Ergonomics website includes. She described the available services, the self-help tutorials online, the grants available for ergonomic purposes; the availability of free/confidential services for benefits-eligible faculty and staff. Chair adjustments are very popular and other items in office equipment can also be adjusted for the individual. Pre and post surveys are conducted.

Jane Vincent can help others (students/non-benefits eligible employees, etc.) and hopes to establish an Ergonomic Awareness Program for Students. Many suffer from repetitive strain injuries. or chronic pain. Jane can be reached at the James E. Knox Adaptive Technology Center in the Shapiro Library.

Jane discussed Google accessibility issues and stated that the deadline for switching to Google has been extended while discussions continue with Google. Scott added that we have made a good start toward accessibility for screen readers, voice recognition, etc.

Anna reviewed attendance at Investing in Ability events.

Carolyn mentioned the presentation on vision loss to take place on Thursday sponsored by the M-Library Diversity Committee (message sent separately).

Phil described Veterans Week events that are coming up.

Carole introduced Jennifer Wade, the administrative assistant of the Office for Institutional Equity. Carole added that the Vic Strecher talk for the 7th Annual Symposium on Mental Health in the Workplace, “On Purpose: Lessons in Life and Health from the Frog and the Dung Beetle,” is on the U-M Channel as well as on YouTube, so people who missed it can catch up.

Christa mentioned that she had attended a meeting with sign interpreters from other hospitals who have no “live” interpreters, just on-screen ones, which does not work out as well for patients. UMHS is a model in that respect. Christa also explained that insufficient provisions are made for deaf and deaf blind participants at meetings, which should have welcoming features in place for these individuals. There should be a few events that are completely accessible without advance provisions being made by participants.

There was a brief discussion about whether “Lionness,” the film being shown for Veterans Week, has captioning.

Els reported that she and Carolyn had attended a session on whether Ann Arbor does enough for disabilities. This will be broadcast on CTN. Els suggested that we have a more complete flyer describing the Council and its mission.

Sally gave an update on the City Commission on Disabilities including existence of musical scores in Braille. For further information please call 1-800-424-8567; a sensory garden in Liberty Plaza Park; a website group to work on an improved site; new members for the Commission are being recruited—there is room for a few more, up to 12.