CfDC Minutes — December 1, 2004

Attending: Jack Bernard, Jim Knox, Anne Chi, Doug White, Carole Dubritsky, Sam Breck, Sam Goodin, Mike Myatt, Sarah Watkins, Anna Ercoli Schnitzer (minutes).

Jack called the meeting to order. He mentioned that the Council's participation in IAW events was "pathetic." although the IAW events themselves went well.

Carole said that Anthony Walesby is giving the Council $5,000 to be spent by the end of June with the possibility of additional funds to be given next year. She stated that she is stepping down from her role as Vice Chair of Council. Nominations for this office should be sent to Jack (

Jim reported that Mike Myatt has been honored by having UMInDS Dissertation Award named after him. Mike also shared some personal good news. Congratulations, Mike!!!

Jack met with Ted Spencer, Director of Undergraduate Admissions to discuss language in letters to/about people with disabilities. He also met with the Chair of SACUA to see whether we could get a standard of similar language to be used by all faculty. Jack will be teaching both in the School of Education and the Law School, giving a three hour lecture on disability and law in higher education.

Sam G. mentioned that Bruno Giordano will address SACUA on the problems resulting from the present lack of a Reading and Learning Skills Center.

Anne Chi reported about having served on a UHS panel for "Pulse" involving health care advocates for students in the dormitories. The following comment was made in response to participation in a UHS panel for students: Jack suggested viewing for this group of "And You Can Quote Me..." Anne will send us e-mail about Friday's all-day conference on transportation accessibility (although we are not sure this actually pertains to disability). She will also send e-mail about SPH Dean interviews open to public at certain times, offering possibility of asking questions re: disability issues, which are seldom mentioned. Construction incidents at SPH were mentioned.

Carole spoke about emergency evacuation strategies being a main theme for the FUN Committee. Best practices from other universities will be gathered and vetted, and after a consensus is obtained, recommendations will be made about what to do, whom to contact on campus, etc. Also, OSEH (Occupational Safety and Environmental Health) guidelines will be published. The Council will have an opportunity to review and respond to the final draft before submission to the FUN Committee. The Evacuation Procedures brochure would be incorporated into the Safety Handbook.

Anna reported having attended Dance Marathon's Third Annual Pediatric Ability Day.

The ADA brochure was edited in conjunction with Council's recommendations of last meeting.

Sarah narrated problem of difficulty with traveling to Florida for alternative break purposes, because of lack of accessible van and a rental van driver having to be at least 25 years old because of insurance regulations. For WISHLIST: It was suggested that UM obtain a lift van with pool of drivers, perhaps with a plow and a 4-wheel drive (for stranded people).

Mike M. will write Dave Miller about inconvenience and unreliability of Para transit van. (He told Council of his transportation difficulties with Para transit.)

Mike Elledge, who was unable to be present, told Carole that he will just edit and redesign, not completely recreate the CfDC web site. The site will include a location for community members to lodge suggestions, concerns, complaints about accessibility issues.

Recruitment to Council:

Sarah has e-mailed people in residence halls. We need both direct support people who will show up at meetings and people who remain at the periphery but will show up and be supportive when they can. Maybe we can do more with directors of residence halls, touting CfDC, and also to the UMInDS class members.

Sam Breck discussed mobility issues and having Chris White of AATA come to talk to us in February about new routes to campus and bus policy. There will be further improvements at the end of January. The Link will continue at least until the end of April; it is still free and now has more generous hours.

Diane Vasquez will present the Council with a special initiative at the January meeting.

Carole mentioned that we need recruits for the Neubacher Committee.

We also need nominations for the Vice Chair of the Council (for times when Jack Bernard cannot be present).

With the $5,000 we can perhaps sponsor a get-together for UM community members, both for recruiting purposes and to get to know Council and to voice any concerns. Another possibility is to ask President Coleman to have a tea at her house regarding issues of disability.

Scheduling of Council meetings was discussed. Once or twice a month? In the morning AND afternoon? Alternating? At the end of the day? Perhaps as a dinner meeting? Teleconferencing? Either a laptop with video or on a speaker phone, being possibilities.

The meeting was adjourned.