CfDC Minutes — December 1, 2010

Present: Paul Guttman, Els Nieuwenhuijsen, Jill Rice, Scott Williams, Sue McDowell, Terry Soave, Carolyn Grawi, Ryan Christman, Tracy Wright, Christa Moran, Anna Clements, Pam Baker Trostle, Tom Baker, Stuart Segal, Doug White

Els raised the issue that the City of Ann Arbor is in the process of creating the 2012-2017 Capital Improvements Plan (CIP) to propose specific improvements and anticipated availability of fiscal resources over a six-year period including basic facilities, services, and systems needed for the community to function. The results of the survey will be analyzed by the AA Systems Planning Department and be presented to the Planning Commission sometime this month and later to the AA City Council. Just looking at the executive Summary of the CIP 2010-2015 the terms accessibility, disability and a few other related terms were never mentioned. She said that although the city is making progress in terms of accessibility, more can to be done. She encouraged people to take the survey by the Dec. 3 deadline. Discussion included the accessibility quality of the City’s web site and the fact that disability issues need to have a higher profile in Ann Arbor. This triggered a lively discussion of a wide variety of accessibility issues, both in the city and on campus. Pam Baker Trostle mentioned that when there was a physical accessibility problem in the city, she calls Brad Kluczynski at 994-2493. Christa Moran spoke to some of the good accessibility features being put in place for the new Mott Children’s Hospital, based on the soliciting of input. These include some very good features for the deaf.

Pam Trostle Baker passed out a flier regarding a Tai Chi and self-defense workshop, conducted by herself and Shengbo Steven Li, to be held at the AACIL at 1 PM on Thursday, Jan. 6 (free, no registration required). She also passed out a flier related to a “virtual retreat” for dealing with the frequently rough and stressful time of the holidays, particularly for people with disabilities. It is being hosted by herself and Rev. Susan McGarry at St. Aidan’s Parish. To sign up, go to and look for the classroom link. First time users need to enter a username and password. Once the confirmation email is received, login and select “Food for the Journey.” Participants will receive a daily email story and tools to help cope with the stress of the holidays.